It’s About that Time: Book Pics!

Kevin Brown (Diglot) and Carl Sweatman have posted some pics of their bookshelves, and I never pass up a chance to snap some pictures of mine, so here’s what I’m working with these days. Keep in mind that most of my shelves are confined to tight quarters so most of these pics are on angels and not straightforward. I just couldn’t get everything in frame with a straight shot for most of them. Here we go:

The bookcase above has most of my commentaries, books on biblical interpretation, the inerrancy/infallibility of Scripture, the canon of Scripture, OT & NT/Gospels introductions.

This one houses my volumes on OT, NT, Systematic, and Biblical theology. Unfortunately, because of the angle, there’s a couple of books you can’t see.

This one has some Pauline stuff, some stuff on Rabbinic Judaism, Heresy, Apologetics, Charismatic/Pentecostal stuff, Calvin(ism), a couple of Church History volumes I couldn’t shelve elsewhere, a Qur’an, some random textbooks, a couple of Bibles, and Charles Taze Russell’s six-volume Studies in the Scriptures.

This one has a bunch of Bibles on top and books on Christology below.

This one has books on the Trinity, fourth-century Church History surrounding the Trinity, some Patristic texts, and a few books on Theosis.

This one has some Bibles, Historical Jesus books, and NT Studies books.

This is actually a media (CD/DVD) case that I use to house my Hebrew, Greek, and Latin texts along with miscellaneous books on a variety of subjects.

This one has some Patristic stuff, various Dictionaries and Reference Works, Lexicons, Grammars, books on Eschatology, and Josephus.

And that’s most everything that’s shelved. I have some stuff on my desk (pictured here) and a couple of hundred books boxed up, plus a little media shelf (not pictured) housing my XBox 360 games and my study Bibles. How about you? Join in the fun and post some pics of your own!


15 thoughts on “It’s About that Time: Book Pics!

  1. Chuck: First, sure I do! Second, do it!

    Carl: I am humbled by the humbleness of your comment. Your collection ain’t too shabby either. If I understand correctly you weren’t able to bring all of those with you across the pond, right?

  2. You do understand correctly. ;-) It was a tough decision what to bring. However, since being here, I have accumulated quite a few new ones, which means I’ll eventually have to consider what I can ship back.

  3. Nick: I like your library. It is nicely done! Approximately, how many books do you have? I won’t post pics of my library. it is too messy to be displayed online:-)

  4. wvbiblicist: If that’s your reaction then my mission has been accomplished. ;-)

    Carl: I shudder at the thought of having to make such a decision.

    Drew: Thanks! If only I could add a room for books…

    Fr. Robert: Indeed.

    Craig: Do it! Just make sure to write what books are in the boxes so we can all know what you’re reading. ;-)

    Celucien: Thanks! I’m in the mid-800s to low-900s on physical books. I lost track of how many I have boxed up so I’m not sure of the exact number right now. If we add ebooks of various formats to the mix then I have over 3000 books, but let’s be real, ebooks aren’t really books. And don’t worry about the mess; we all just love looking at the books!

  5. I recently discovered your blog! I am drooling! Most people think I have a lot of theological books. You have me beat…big time! I am in awe! I may have missed it…but are all these books at your house? Scattered all over or do you have a library room? Are you familiar with A great way for Christians within the same church to share books with each other. I tried to get it going at my church but without success. I don’t seem to know many local Christians who like to read/study…at least read books of substance that is.

  6. LLM: It’s all relative. I know folks who have 10x more theological books than I do! All the books in the pictures are scattered all over my house. I’ve been toying with the idea of putting some of the books I have boxed up in the office at my church so the ministers can have access to them when they need to study for sermon preparation or Bible study lessons. We just need to get a bookcase in there.

    I haven’t heard of the website you mention. I’m in the same boat as you. Besides my pastor and one other brother I don’t think there’s anyone in my church who likes to read more academic type books. That’s a large part of the reason why I blog. I’m able to discuss things with other bloggers that my ‘real life’ friends aren’t all that interested in.

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