Bodily Pain

I broke my ankle a few years ago (God miraculously healed it but that’s another story) and it hurt really bad. And even though I hurt my ankle my whole body felt it. I’m not an expert on biology or anatomy or anything like that, but I know that information traveled from my ankle up to my brain and back down to my ankle and it must have hit some other parts on the way. The brain, which is in the head, told the body how to feel (you’ll forgive my gross oversimplification). Had I not felt any pain then it would have been an indication that there was a problem with the connection between that part of my body and my brain, which is in my head. You see where I’m going with this, don’t you? If we’re members of the body of Christ and we see another member hurt then we should feel it too, that is, if our connection to the head, who is Christ, is in tact. Paul seemed to think so too (1 Cor. 12:26).


6 thoughts on “Bodily Pain

  1. Nick, you really need to remove Google ads.
    Your site consistently advertises the United Church of God on why theologians cant explain the Trinity

  2. Mike: I wasn’t aware of that. Since I’m logged into WordPress I can’t see any Google ads. They’re there to stay though since I’d have to pay money to have them removed and that ain’t gonna happen.

  3. Fair enough, I guess anyone reading your site wont be under any illusions about your trinitarian theology. It is one of the downsides of google ads though

  4. Mike: I’d hope not! I’d prefer to not have the ads but not enough to pay for the service. I blogged for years before finding out that they were even there.

  5. Nick: Fantastic analogy! (you’ve been reading St. Paul again, haven’t you? ;) ) I hadn’t really considered before that it’s only insomuch as our body parts are connected to our heads that they “feel each other’s pain”, so to speak, and not otherwise. I like it!

    In passing, I check out your blog both when I’m logged into WordPress and when I’m not, and I’ve never see the Google ads. I wonder if you have to be logged into a service like Google to see them?

  6. Tom: Thanks!

    I’ve seen my blog when I’m not signed into WP and it seems that if I’m looking at in general and not any post in particular then I don’t see Google ads. If I click on a particular post then I see an add every two to three posts I cycle through. None of the ones I’ve seen have been anti-Trinity though, but I’ll take Mike’s word for it that they’re there.

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