Help a Brother Out

Most folks have undoubtedly read Brian Fulthorp’s unfortunate news.  For those who haven’t I’ll give you the short version: Toxic mold ruined Brian’s library and he had to throw out most of his books.  Bloggers the world over have banded together in an attempt to help Brian replace some of his lost inventory so if you’re able and would like to contribute, Brian has posted an Excel document listing all of the essentials that he’d like to replace.  If you’d like to purchase something for Brian off of his Amazon wish list then you can do so, or, if you have an extra copy of a book on his list, or just a copy that you don’t particularly want, you can mail it to Brian at the following address:

Brian Fulthorp
P.O. Box 1609
Grand Canyon, AZ 86023




6 thoughts on “Help a Brother Out

  1. Mold doesn’t have to be toxic to give you trouble, I move to Astoria Or in 1991 and moved back to Seattle after eight months of continuous problems with allergies. It’s in the air down there. Everywhere, the get 80-100 inches of rain.

  2. no it doesn’t but for us our daughter was sick nearly constantly with breathing issues, would throw up at random, needed breathing treatments and the like and it gets into everything, like you said, it is in the air, it’s everywhere, but is more dangerous when contained indoors.

    thanks nick for the support.

  3. C. Stirling: I never had health problems with mold but I did have to remodel a bathroom because of it.

    Brian: You’re very welcome. I’m glad that you’ve gotten such an enthusiastic response.

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