Thank God for Good Online Help!

My daughter’s iPod froze up and nothing I was doing seemed to be working.  So I pulled out the manual expecting that there would be some troubleshooting tips in it.  There wasn’t.  Then I grabbed the warranty paperwork because I figured I’d have to send it back for a replacement.  Thank God that this led me to the online support where I was able to figure out how to reset the thing.  Now everything appears to be working normally.  Thank God!



3 thoughts on “Thank God for Good Online Help!

  1. My phone did that last week and I was planning to go to the Apple store, but I found the solution online. Sounds like the same thing that happened to you. What a blessing the internet can be!

  2. My experience with iPods is this: they work great, when they work. If this thing freezes on you again, send it back. Resetting often works but it should be a very rare event, or just send it back. Apple makes enough money that they should stand behind their product.

  3. Jason: I don’t even know where there is an Apple store! But you’re right, the internet can be a blessing, especially when someone is reading my blog. ;-)

    Roy: Let’s hope it doesn’t happen again!

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