Polyglot Meme with References

So yesterday, prompted by some new thingamabob on Facebook, James McGrath asked folks to “list every language that they have made some sort of concerted effort to learn, even if they didn’t get beyond the first lesson or so, or even if they are still learning it.”  He tagged a few people but left it open to anyone who wanted to participate.  So far I’ve seen posts from George, Jim Getz, Duane Smith, and Darrell Pursiful, in addition to James’ own.  Their lists are all much longer and varied than mine which isn’t surprising (to me at least) but I thought I’d jazz this meme up by listing the resources I’ve used in trying to learn  some of these languages.


Spanish 2








  • I can’t recall the textbook we used in the 7th grade but I remember that I picked French up quickly (at the time; now I don’t know a lick of it).

Old Church Slavonic



1 I’m sure I’ve used a variety of English textbooks throughout my schooling but these are the two in my possession.  The first one listed is from the second grade!  But I learned English mainly through conversation which is probably why my grammar is not terribly good.

2 Again, this is the textbook in my possession, I believe it’s from 8th grade Spanish.  Most of the Spanish I’ve picked up over the years have come from relatives who don’t speak very good English and Guatemalan guys I used to work with.

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