The Most Embarrassing Book(s) on My Shelf

Mark Stevens started it and it’s been making the rounds (see Jason, Jim, James, and George‘s posts so far) so this is my contribution.  First I have to say that I don’t actually have any embarrassing books on my shelves anymore.  I ran out of room ages ago so now all of my embarrassing books are boxed up.  But there’s one box that was readily available to me so out of it I snatched the following three books that are equally embarrassing:

They are Lynn Picknett’s Mary Magdalene, and Michael Baigent’s The Messianic Legacy and Holy Blood, Holy Grail.  May God forgive me!  In my defense, I didn’t purchase or request any of these titles, they just somehow landed in my library.



17 thoughts on “The Most Embarrassing Book(s) on My Shelf

  1. Nick,
    As you know I am an extreme lover of books, but what is point of keeping books you are embarrassed of having? Do you plan to ever read or reference these? I go through my library a few times a year and pull out everything I can’t see myself using someday. I can usually get a few buck for them at Half Price and get something more useful.

  2. For shame, Nick….for shame;-)

    I thought about reposting this meme on my blog but realized no one would even recognize my most embarrassing books. They are little lectureship books that circulate within my brotherhood or superficial studies of Bible books by brotherhood preachers that no one outside my fellowship has ever heard of.

  3. Daniel: I won’t sell books, and I won’t throw them away, and in the case of these books, I won’t give them to friends or family because they’re horrible. So they’ll sit in a box for times such as this when I can snap a picture and have a laugh about them.

    Matthew: Join in the festivities! So what if no one has heard of your most embarrassing books.

  4. T. C.: Yeah, shockingly good! ;-)

    Daniel: I don’t like losing money and I’d inevitably never get what I paid for any of my books. In the case of review books I think it would show a lack of integrity on my part to profit off the generosity of publishers past simply getting the book for free. And I heavily mark my books. I know how I feel when purchasing a used book that has been written in and I wouldn’t want to make anyone else feel that way.

  5. The Devil that old trickster made you keep them….He whispered in your ears, “Maybe, just maybe you should box these up and get rid of them later. He knew he could make you show them to the entire w.w.w. then wish you hadn’t…

    Hmmm…those look easily burnable…just so’s no one would have to read through the marks…*; )

  6. I had a bunch of those (i.e. John Hagee, Hal Lindsey, etc.) too. I gave them away to my brother. He also did not read those books. lol

  7. Nancy: That’s as plausible an explanation as any. And I suspect that those books will join the devil in hell one day and burn anyway, so I’ll wait until then.

    Mark: Don’t tell me, all the Wright and Barth stuff, I know, I know… ;-)

    Celucien: I’d welcome those guys over Baigent! But I wouldn’t read them either. I’d just keep them around to impress people. :-P

    Esteban: Well good for you! Way to stand behind even the poor choices! ;-)

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