On Must Reads

Plenty of discussion on ‘must reads’ as of late (see here & here with more to follow).  Here’s my take: The only ‘must read’ is the Bible.  Why?  Well, it contains words of eternal life.  Everything else at best helps us think through what those words mean.


13 thoughts on “On Must Reads

  1. I think a good book teaching how to read the Bible is a must read along with the Bible otherwise you get all sorts of craziness. Something like a “How to Read the Bible For All It’s Worth” but not necessarily that; whatever helps people read the Bible better.

    Considering the question what is a must read is geared toward theology students and not just the average Christian the answer will have to be more than just the Bible. I don’t know the answer though since I’m not a theology student. I would be interested in knowing what people thought were the top 10 must reads for people interested in learning more about theology but not in entering theological studies. A list like that for Biblical studies would also be interesting.

  2. Again, as Luther said, the ‘Christian is one who is always beginning. Not to progress in the Christian life is to regress.’ (WA)

    And every Christian should have a good full Bible Concordance, and use it! Simple stuff, which reaps spiritual reality!

  3. Fr. Robert: I’m sure your collection is much more substantial than mine. Maybe in 30 years I’ll catch up though. ;-)

    Bryan: I’m of the opinion that Fee’s How to Read the Bible for All Its Worth should be canonized and bound in our Bibles! And I think theology students would benefit from reading more of the Bible. It might help to clear up some of the confusion their professors are instilling in them. ;-)

    Rod: I’m glad you agree!

    Bobby: Yeah, everything except Philemon and 1-2 Chronicles! ;-)

  4. Fr. Robert: Let’s hope so! But if not then I’d be happy to shelve some of those books for you! ;-)

    BTW, my dad’s side of the family usually lives into their 80s or 90s. My mom’s side isn’t as fortunate. I suspect I’ll have about 75 years.

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