What If the Dead Could Debate?

I’m reading Alexander Broadie’s chapter “Maimonides and Aquinas” in History of Jewish Philosophy (ed. Daniel H. Frank and Oliver Leaman; London: Routledge, 1997) and he notes many of Aquinas’ criticisms of Maimonides (although he believes them to be closer on certain issues than Aquinas may have thought) which got me thinking what Maimonides would say in response.  I know what Broadie says Maimonides might have said but it would be an interesting debate to watch live.  So then I got to thinking about debates that I’d love to witness if the dead could debate.  The two that came to mind immediately were Athanasius vs. Arius and Arminius vs. Calvin.  And I’m talking about sit-down debates where each person is in the same room as the other; not written debates.  I’d like to see the rhetoric live and be able to gauge their emotions.  But sadly it’ll never happen.  Not even after the resurrection since at least one of these guys will be cast into the lake of fire. :-(


5 thoughts on “What If the Dead Could Debate?

  1. Watching Paul and James discuss the Law would be fascinating. I wouldn’t place them as far apart as the two pairs you mentioned, but it would be fun. Getting to see John Chrysostom debate anyone would no doubt be fantastic. I guess the same goes for many of the early fathers, as many were legendary orators.

  2. Alex: I don’t think they’d have much to debate since they both believed the same thing about the law. ;-) And I’ll never understand your (or anyone else’s) love of Chrysostom. I’d rather read just about any father other than him.. :-|

    Esteban: Or, ‘that wicked.’ ;-)

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