Giles vs. Bird & Shillaker

These are some thoughts on the back-and-forth between Kevin Giles and Mike Bird/Rob Shillaker in the Trinity Journal in 2009.


Bird, Michael and Robert Shillaker, “Subordination in the Trinity and Gender Roles: A Response to Recent Discussion.” Trinity Journal 29/2 (2008): 267-83.

––––––. “The Son Really, Really Is the Son: A Response to Kevin Giles.” Trinity Journal 30/2 (2009): 257-68.

Giles, Kevin. “Response to Michael Bird and Robert Shillaker: The Son is Not Eternally Subordinated in Authority to the Father.” Trinity Journal 20/2 (2009): 237-56.



4 thoughts on “Giles vs. Bird & Shillaker

  1. Bryan: Me too. When I first started discussing this issue with people, probably about 6-7 years ago now, it was never with reference to gender. In fact, the only time gender was brought up was as one of many analogies for equality and difference. I had no idea that there were full fledged debates being carried out about it. I’m sick of the whole gender debate but I’m reading a book right now about the Trinity and gender that’s really just a rehash of things that have already been said and argued to death. Thank God it’s a short book.

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