In the Mail

My copy of Mehrdad Fatehi’s The Spirit’s Relation to the Risen Lord in Paul has finally arrived!  There was some frustration with waiting for this book on my part.  I was sent a tracking number with the email saying it had shipped.  So I tracked it and saw that it left Jamesburg, NJ on the 27th.  Jamesburg is literally up the street from me (about 20-30 minutes depending on which part you’re going to).  It was logical to assume that it would have arrived the next day since it only had to travel half and hour.  But for some reason or another they sent it north to Ridgefield and even further north to Jersey City before finally sending it down to me.  It was frustrating to keep tracking this package and seeing that it was getting further away from me rather than closer to me.  But I have it now so all is well in the universe!

I will say this though—it’s not “brand new” (no Barnes & Noble book ever is)  At best it’s “very good” or maybe even “like new” but there’s a price sticker on the back (for $81) and a couple of small dents on the spine.  My guess is that it sat in a store and never got purchased because of the high price tag so they offered it for cheap online and due to God’s providential insight I ended up with it.  But the text is clean and the binding is tight (it’s a WUNT volume after all!) so I’m happy as a clam (although I never understood why a clam would be happy since they stink, taste bad, and people kill them and eat them by the millions).

Alright, time to read.


6 thoughts on “In the Mail

  1. Hey Nick, you want to talk about frustrating I had ordered a brand new hardcover copy of Millard Erickson’s God in Three Persons for 50 bucks total from Amazon. A new copy of that same book is now going for 212 dollars. I finally got it in my hands two days ago on Tuesday. I opened up the package, was excited at seeing what it was, and then jumped in the car and did some errands before returning home.


    Needless to say that I have been really down about it since 50 bucks was more than what I wanted to pay for it. The reason why I got it in the first place was because of Anthony Buzzard. I was there in studio for the live debate which took place between him and another unitarian against Michael Brown and James White. When I approached him I saw that he had a paperback edition of this book which was worn out and heavily marked. I asked him what he thought of the book and he said that it was the best argument AGAINST the Trinity due to the assertions made by Erickson and he highly recommended me to get it.

    Anyway, just thought I would share my sad story with you. Lord bless you brother.

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