New Commenting Policy

In light of recent events (see comments here & here), and the new commenting policy over at Near Emmaus, I thought I’d update my commenting policy.  Here’s the addendum: Don’t be a douche.

Thank you.


NB that while this is tagged with “humor” I’m really not joking. :-)


15 thoughts on “New Commenting Policy

  1. Thanks for linking those two recent bans. I get the biggest kick put of watching you kick people off your blog. : )

    Good addendum. Heck sometimes I think “Don’t be a douche” originated in the Bible from Jesus. If nothing else I’m sure it’d be a good paraphrase of something he said! : P

  2. Kyle: You should have seen the one that followed the ban. I believe he said, “suck my proverbial **** a-hole!” Real classy. :-P

    Bryan: Yeah, it’s a rare occurrence, but when it happens it’s satisfying. ;-) And that is most certainly an agraphon of Jesus. ;-)

    Peter: I agree since that’s what they all boil down to anyway. ;-)

  3. that commenter was a silly billy wrongity wronger anyway – Jewish writings do so acknowledge Jesus. Obviously not in the Hebrew Bible which contained writings before his birth (although Christians interpret allusions to him there). Yeshu the Nazarene, is mentioned in a hostile way for practising sorcery and inciting and leading astray Israel, and he is condemned by a Jewish court, in the Babylonian Talmud Sanhedrin 43a. Blablabla

  4. Nice. Only four words, and they are all monosyllabic, so easily understood as well. 8)

  5. Steph: You are of course correct and he was of course incorrect.

    Nathan: You gotta make it all encompassing, ya know? ;-)

    Realmatters: Thanks! :-)

  6. Nick, in general I try to avoid those guys, Brian was really nice to him and gave him the benefit of the doubt. I don’t have the time to engage someone who is not open, it takes time to research a response and articulate oneself in a respectful way. Then they don’t answer your questions and respond with crazy unspported ideas.

  7. I was going to crack a joke or two about your comment policy, but after reading the linked comments, my visceral hatred of douchebaggery has kicked in and prevents me from doing it. I have found ignorant people to be quite belligerent (and indeed, the more ignorant, the more belligerent); WoundedEgo’s comments are about the most ignorant and the most belligerent I have ever read, and I have been on the interweb since the days of newsgroups and remote telnet BBSs. Good for you.

    I have only ever kicked one person out of my blog, but I imagine that the comments linked above must have spun you off into the same dimension of pissed off that I visited at the time.

  8. Robert: Yeah, he started off as semi-normal, but after a couple of comments it became unbearable.

    Jake: Nathan’s link will work for a definition, or, you can check out the comments I linked to in my post.

    Nathan: Thanks.

    Esteban: I wondered why your comment got stuck in the spam filter and then I realized that you said, “WondedEgo” in it, and since he’s blacklisted even the mention of his name gets flagged as spam. Oh how I love WP’s commenting features! I think I’ve banned about 7 people from commenting. All of them showed no concern for dialogue, and as we all know, my blog is not the place to monologue (not even for me!).

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