2010 Trinity Blogging Summit

Today is Trinity Sunday and the 2010 Trinity Blogging Summit is here!  I’m very pleased to host this event for the third year in a row.  In each year I read a paper that helps me to grow in my knowledge, love, and appreciation for our Triune God and for that I’m grateful to all the contributors.  I am happy to say that the summit is on time this year, and while there have been a hiccup or two along the way, for the most part everything has been as smooth as I could have hoped for.  Many thanks to everyone who participated.

Below you will find several diverse papers on different aspects of Trinitarian theology.  No two are alike and this only speaks to how great (in the sense of ‘large’ but also in the sense of ‘really good’) the doctrine of the Trinity is!  And given my recent following of and interaction with The Great Trinity Debate I have decided to convert an old online debate that I had to a PDF for those interested in such things.  I’m pleased to announce the fourth revised edition of my Trinitarian Bibliography, now renamed, “A Trinitarian-Christological Bibliography,” which has nearly 40 pages of additional material.  So without further ado:


  1. Flame of Yah: Trinity and Divine ErosPeter J. Leithart
  2. An Introduction to The Letters to Serapion on the Holy Spirit by Athanasius of AlexandriaBrian LePort
  3. The Knowable-Unknowable Triune God: Gregory Palamas’s Essence-Energy Distinction from the Perspectives of Vladimir Lossky and Catherine Mowry LaCugnaJohnDave Medina
  4. “My Father is greater than I.” – Jesus. (John 14:28)Anne Kim
  5. The Nicene Creed and Trinitarian Pedagogy — Nick Norelli


  1. The Trinity: Is It or Is It Not Sound Biblical Doctrine?: A Christadelphian/Trinitarian Debate — Searchingone1033 & Nick Norelli


And don’t forget my Trinitarian Resources Online page.  There you will find a plethora of online resources (written and audio/visual) for studying Trinitarian theology.



14 thoughts on “2010 Trinity Blogging Summit

  1. I’ll have to check out some of this material when I have more time. Thanks for posting it.

  2. T. C.: Glad to hear it. I’m sure you’ll like some of the papers too if you choose to read them.

    Cheryli: My pleasure. Feel free to comment on any of the papers after you’ve read them.

  3. As in previous years, thanks again for a wonderful Trinity Summit. I look forward to replacing your previous bibliography in my library with this updated one.

    One of these years, I’m going to read something by Leithart on the Trinity that I disagree with…it hasn’t happened yet though. I still refer to his paper from last year which had some wonderful insights on what can be said of the Islamic god versus the Triune God.

  4. T. C.: Indeed you do!

    Kyle: My pleasure. The updated bib. is so much better but time prevented me from adding literally hundreds of more articles and books. Nex years will be substantially bigger.

    Leithart is the man. I’m always grateful that he’s willing to contribute to this thing.

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