Help a Brother Out

Mike Bird recently mentioned Larry Hurtado’s article “The Origins of Jesus-Devotion: A Response to Crispin Fletcher-Louis” in the latest edition of the Tyndale Bulletin 61/1 (2010).  Unfortunately I don’t have access to this journal and I desperately want to read this article.  If anyone has access and would be willing to email me a copy then I’d greatly appreciate it.  Thanks!



16 thoughts on “Help a Brother Out

  1. Be glad to send it to you Nick. (I assume my library has the latest copy.) I can do it when I return to campus next Tuesday — if you can wait that long.

  2. If it isn’t too much trouble, if someone sends Nick a copy, or Nick if you receive a copy, I’d be really grateful to get one too. And I’m pretty sure everyone will agree that I need to be exposed to more Hurtado…

  3. Dave: Thanks! I can wait that long.

    James: I’d be happy to pass along a copy once Dave sends it; especially since you sent me the Fletcher-Louis article that Hurtado is responding to. And we all need to be exposed to more Hurtado!

  4. Nick, I wanted to return the favor for your earlier post that got David Black to send me the article I needed, but unfortunately my school’s access is only to 2007!

    I hope you get your hands on it soon.

  5. I’m havnig coffee with Crispin this afternoon. Any questions or messages you want me to pass along? :-)

  6. Hahahaha, James.

    I never realised how difficult recent editions of the Tyndale Bulletin are to get online. My uni library doesn’t have it listed in any of the databases…and I was under the impression we had everything.

  7. James: My pleasure.

    Robert: Well I’m kind of a big deal; didn’t you know? :-P

    Mike: I appreciate the sentiment. Thanks.

    Carl: Ask him if he plans to respond to Hurtado’s response? I’d love to see a never-ending string of articles from these two!

    Ari: Exactly. The free online versions go back 3 years but I can’t wait that long! And my journal access doesn’t include TynBul at all!

  8. Coffee with Crispin was awesome. He’s such an engaging thinker and a welcoming person.

    As far as his response to Hurtado’s response goes, I must admit that I got your request after meeting with him, so I didn’t have to ask him specifically. However, Crispin did mention the debate when I brought up Hurtado’s name for a completely different reason. We chatted briefly about the discussion between them, but then moved on to other things.

    Even though we moved on, it sounded like Crispin was thinking about responding but was a bit unsure at this point. The uncertainty is not a matter of ability on Crispin’s part–he’s certainly capable; instead, it seemed more like ‘how much debate do I really want on this?’ (I could be wrong on this, so don’t quote me). I’ll let you know if I hear otherwise and if he does respond.

  9. Carl: Glad to hear you had a good time.

    Dave: Thanks again for the offer. Fortunately for me Jim Darlack sent me a copy today so I won’t have to bother you with it. I appreciate your willingness to help out!

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