Alright, so I finally made it through Moon and I don’t see what all the fuss was about.  I thought it was pretty boring to be honest and the plot isn’t really anything I haven’t seen before.  I can’t say that I’d ever watch it again.  One thing that always impresses me though is when an actor can pull off a scene all by himself.  Sam Rockwell did that well, although not nearly as well as Tom Hanks in Castaway.  In any event, if you haven’t seen it I don’t think you’re missing anything.  If you have and you liked it then tell me what about it you liked.



6 thoughts on “Moon

  1. Possible Spoiler Alerts!!

    I loved the mood. The acting. The way it was shot. The soundtrack. I liked how you didn’t know if he was crazy or what for a while (I thought it was a split personality thing like Fight Club). I liked the twist. Great twist. You’d seen that before? Where? I liked the way it made you try to figure out his back story. I liked the way it showed how he was in the beginning and how he changes as time goes on on the base from being alone (he’s a hot-head, who becomes very peaceful), and the way it works the video from his wife into all that. I liked the unanswered aspects that you wonder about. How does he get sick? Are they intentionally making him sick? Is it something from the moon? Why would they do that? Was the original in on it. Were the memories real? I liked how the ending isn’t necessarily happy. I liked how what was going on had been going on for quite a while. I liked the scene where the 2nd one sees the video of the 1st one talking to the grown up daughter and has the emotional reaction because even though he is what he is he still has those feelings.

    I could go on and on. I just thought it was a really good movie, It was slow at the beginning while it was setting up the story and the atmosphere but it totally sucked me in.

  2. Bryan: I wondered if it was a split personality at first but once it was revealed that he was a clone it wasn’t all that surprising. If the twist was his being a clone then I’ve seen that in The 6th Day. Did you have another twist in mind?

    I think he gets sick because the clones are only good for 3 years. I would imagine that they’re bred that way on purpose but then again it might just be a natural side effect of being a clone. And I suspect that they’d do it because it’s easier to use clones made on the moon then to constantly send people from earth every three years. I think the memories were real but like the computer said they were implanted.

  3. I was not expecting the clone thing at all so it was a surprise for me. But even after it was first revealed, I thought it still might be his split personality trying to convince him that he was a clone. It kept me guessing for a little even after that. I thought it was great.

    I’ve never seen the 6th Day. Is it any good?

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