17 thoughts on “Why Four Gospels? for Cheap!!!

  1. Only one left in stock as of 1:35pm EST! I purchased a copy earlier this morning to replace the one I’ve had to leave behind in Puerto Rico; thanks for the heads up!

  2. Esteban: I’m overjoyed to hear that you were able to take advantage of this deal while supplies lasted! I cam across it when updating my reading widget. I’ll be finally finishing this book which I started well over a year ago!

  3. I just snapped up one myself. It was $4.80 instead of $1.43, but that’s still a great deal, especially with the Amazon prime trial in place…

  4. It’s up to $8. You guys must have tripped Amazon’s supply-demand equations, because the increased demand have definitely increased the price.

  5. Okay, I joined the club…but mine was the Kindle edition that was 9.59! I feel ripped off…haha

  6. I prefer hardbacks, but when I can’t get it in Malaysia or Singapore, it’s much cheaper to go with the Kindle version than to pay for/wait on shipping.

    There are some that I simply refuse to buy on Kindle though. Usually they are big hardbacks, or from OUP/CUP…I’m not going to pay $100+ for the digital file.

  7. thanks for drawing attention to it. Relies heavily on patristic evidence for its Griesbachen order according to a reviewer – that’s normally the way of them for there ain’t much else to rely on. Thank goodness it’s so short. I’m not looking forward to it ;-)

  8. TC: My pleasure. Did you happen to get to it before the price went up?

    Brian: Sadly that’s true. Esteban may have quite literally snatched up the last one. Sorry about the Kugel book.

    Kyle: I prefer them too! At the moment I have something like 1,000+ e-books on my hard drive so depending on which device handles PDFs best I might be getting something like a Kindle sooner than later. And I hate the thought of paying $100+ for any book regardless of the format!

    Steph: Hey there! I’ve been thinking about you for the past week or so; wondering where you’ve been. I was going to shoot you an email but here you are! Concerning the book; it’s pretty good actually. Even if you come down disagreeing it’s a nice intro to neo-Griesbachianism.

  9. That’s kind Nick. Thanks for noticing and thanks for caring. I’ve been in the gloom…

    As for Black – unless he has some new revelation on Matthean priority, methinks I’ll be disagreeing. As for intros on Griesbach – I’ve read far too many and they make me as mad as Qites. ;-)

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