The Greek

I don’t know what it is, but whenever I hear someone make reference to “the Greek,” I think of the second season of HBO’s The Wire.  How about you?


9 thoughts on “The Greek

  1. No, I always take it as an introduction to a forthcoming bit of strained New Testament exegesis.

    In my youth it always reminded me of a football odds maker.

    Haven’t watched “The Wire”. I have a zillion others things to catch up on first. Plus one.

  2. I am with Chuck on this. Whenever I hear (or read, especially online) that we are going back to the Greek I generally expect some very poor exegesis that has very little to do with the actual Greek ;)

  3. My favorite is, “the Greek is ”

    Oh, and strained exegesis based on Greek words is a specialty in Charismatic churches! Please allow me to give you a ρημα word on the difference between the eternal λογος of God (the Bible or Jesus or BibleJesus?) versus the Holy Spirit inspired, for the moment, ρημα word ;-)

    Though, I guess, many groups have a history of supporting strange things from strained Greek. I’m just most familiar with my own family’s issues ;-)

  4. Craig: Definitely! One of the best dramas of the past 10 or 15 years for sure.

    Chuck: Yeah, there’s that too. But it doesn’t remind me of Jimmy the Greek because I know his name is Jimmy. The guy on The Wire (which you should lay other stuff aside to watch) was just The Greek.

    Mitchell: That is odd! And wow! I had no idea you were such a youngin’!

    Ari: That’s inevitably what happens, but I still think of the guy from The Wire. When someone says, “The Greek says…” I start going through old episodes in my mind trying to place the reference. ;-)

    Alex: But of course! Where do you think I’ve been hearing “The Greek says…” at? ;-)

  5. When I hear “The Greeks say…” I imagine my grandmother saying something outrageous about ancient Greece (Greeks have unique DNA, Aristotle was an alien, etc) followed by an insult that I don’t know Greek well enough.

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