Help a Brother Out

Mike S. is looking for a copy of Adela Yarbro Collins’ article in New Testament Studies 40:4 (1994), “From Noble Death to Crucified Messiah.”  His access goes back to 1999 and mine unfortunately goes back only to 2001.  If you can access this article then let Mike know or you can let me know and I’ll pass it along to Mike.  Thanks!


10 thoughts on “Help a Brother Out

  1. Hey Nick,

    If he still needs it next Tuesday, I can get him a copy when I return to campus (we’re on semester break this week).

  2. I took a look through my library, but we don’t have electronic access before ’99 either. We have print copies of most years, but strangely ’94 is absent!

  3. Nick,

    Hey thanks for the advertisement! I suspect your blog has hundreds of more readers than mine, so hopefully someone could give me a copy through seeing your blog!

    Thanks again,

  4. Alex: Thanks for trying! It seems like a conspiracy to me! ;-)

    Mike: My pleasure. That’s what I was hoping too. Worst case scenario is that you’ll have to wait until next Tuesday when Dave can get you a copy. Lord willing someone might turn up with one before that.

  5. Yeah, it was just something I’m working on so if I can get it by next Tues, that’d be just fine…

    Thanks again!

  6. Nick,

    Wanted to say thanks again for posting this! I got the article via email today through Dave’s secretary.

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