Year One

I’m about 45 minutes into Year One and I’m going to turn it off.  It’s really a very lame movie.  You can do a lot of funny stuff with the Bible (see Dogma for example) but this movie just doesn’t do it.  It’s a shame because I usually like Jack Black flicks.

5 thoughts on “Year One

  1. I know I was excited when I first heard about the movie, but with all the bad reviews I will probably skip it. Have to admit I did not really like Dogma either, though the beginning part with the “buddy Christ” was going to be the new symbol was pretty funny. Nothing beats Life of Brian for biblical comedies.

  2. Mike: Just wait for it to come on cable. It’s really not very funny. Dogma on the other hand is one of my favorite movies ever, but then again, I love everything Kevin Smith does.

  3. I was excited to see Year One when it came out but all the bad reviews changed my mind. It’s a shame considering I’m a fan of both Jack Black and Michael Cera and the premise sounds funny.

    I love Dogma. I even watched it with the commentary on. I’m a Kevin Smith Fan although I didn’t care for Clerks 2 or Jersey Girl. Both were terrible.

  4. Laura: My pleasure! I’d hate to think that other people would sit through it.

    Bryan: I thought the same way. Cera’s last movie disappointed me too though. I wonder if he’s just running out of funny.

    I loved Clerks 2, although not nearly as much as the original, but Jersey Girl is the lone blemish on Smith’s otherwise unspotted record.

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