In Search of an Article

I’m looking for a copy of R. H. Gundry’s “The Apostolically Johannine Pre-Papian Tradition concerning the Gospels of Mark and Matthew,” in The Old is Better: New Testament Essays in Support of Traditional Interpretations (ed. R. H. Gundry; WUNT 178; Tübingen: Mohr Siebeck, 2005): 49-73.  I understand that it’s probably not available electronically but if anyone has a copy of the book and could possibly scan or photocopy the article and get it to me then I’d greatly appreciate it.  At the very least I need scans/pics/photocopies of pages 53-54; 60-61; 67-68 since those are the ones not available on Google Books.  The entire article would be preferable though.  Thanks.



4 thoughts on “In Search of an Article

  1. Nick, if you don’t have a copy by next Tuesday (when I am back on campus next) I’ll see if I can scan it for you. I’m almost sure our library will have a copy.

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