2010 Trinity Blogging Summit: Call for Submissions

Well, it’s about that time.  I’d like to invite bloggers to submit posts for my annual Trinity Blogging Summit.  The first year was a smash hit, the second tapered off a bit but enjoyed some great contributions from others (not myself), and I’m hoping that 2010 will provide the best one to date.  Generally I’ve done these things in March but I’d actually like to do this year’s on Trinity Sunday which falls on May 30, 2010.  I’ll ask that all posts are submitted by Friday, May 28 so that I’ll have to time to convert them into PDFs and make any slight alterations that might be necessary.  If you could provide a brief bio to be included along with the post then that would be great.  There is no word limit so go crazy.  And finally, submitting them as MS Word docs would be easiest for me, but I’ll work with whatever you send.  I’m looking forward to another great TBS.  I hope you are too!


12 thoughts on “2010 Trinity Blogging Summit: Call for Submissions

  1. Nick,

    This time I should be able to come through. I have a class on the Greek Fathers this term. I will turn some of my research into a paper for this summit.

  2. I’m also hoping Leithart contributes again. I’ve gone back to his paper from last year a couple times in my thoughts on discussions with Islamic friends.

  3. Andrew: You can contribute anything you’d like concerning the Trinity. Your choice.

    Ranger: Great! I’ll look forward to it. And I plan on contacting Dr. Leithart soon. I’m reasonably confident that he’ll offer another post.

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