Here It Is (The New Bookcase, that is…)

Alright, it’s a tight hallway so I had to snap the picture from the stares if I wanted to get it all in the shot.  There’s a few books you can’t see because of the angle but they’re nothing special.  I’m using this one for reference works, commentaries, and Charismatic/Pentecostal type books.  And yes, for all those wondering, I blacked out the pictures in the frame on the wall.  There are any number of perverts roaming the internet who love to do nothing other than lust after the photos that people post on their blogs.  Just look at the response I got when I posted a picture of some toasted ravioli!  ;-)



21 thoughts on “Here It Is (The New Bookcase, that is…)

  1. Looks like you need to go back and get another one! Nice shelves!

    And what pervert response did you get for Ravioli, besides causing your readers to drool all over the computer screen ;)

  2. Bitsy: No perverts on the ravioli, just lust. ;-)

    And don’t worry, that bookcase freed up about 4 shelves in the room that I now have to rearrange. :-)

    Derek: This bookcase is to the left of the bathroom. On the very top shelf of the 5-shelf bookcase to the right of the bathroom I have Barth’s Romans and on my Trinity shelf in one of the bookcases in my room I have CD I/1. And that’ll do it for me and Barth. I can’t imagine reading all of CD.

  3. Looks nice. How many shelves do you have right now? I have several and I am worried that one is on its last leg. I probably need to get a new one before it falls on me one day :)


  4. No Word Biblical Commentary volumes? It’s a great technical commentary series.

    P.S. I have a couple bookcases that look *exactly* like that one.

  5. Martin: Thanks. With the new bookcase I now have 6 proper bookcases. I also have one that is meant for DVDs and CDs that I use for books. In total (including using the tops of the bookcases) I have 27 shelves (not including the media shelves that I use for books or the phone stand that I use for books).

  6. I like looking at photos of other peoples bookcases. I find it interesting seeing what type of books people have and how they arrange them.

  7. Diglot: Yeah, we all like it. If you want to see some more book pics then check out the ones linked to in this post. Ed Komoszewski’s library is amazing!

    Brian: To me it’s of the same use as the rest of my lexicons, which is to say, not much! I rarely use any of them these days.

    Tony: Thanks! Happy New Year to you too!

    Celucien: Thanks!

  8. Huh. Looking at the old library pics post reminded me that I now have a digital camera. Well, one of my Christmas gifts was a Walmart gift certificate that is earmarked for book cases, so once I can get those up and in place, I’ll have to take some pictures.

    (I’ll feel bad, though, because so many books were left behind in Puerto Rico!)

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