Top 10 List: Stand-Up Comedians

From funniest to not as funniest:

  1. Eddie Murphy
  2. Richard Pryor
  3. George Carlin
  4. D. L. Hughley
  5. Dave Chappelle
  6. Chris Rock
  7. DeRay Davis
  8. Kevin Hart
  9. Ray Lapowski
  10. Sarah Silverman

Honorable mentions: Martin Lawrence; Sam Kinison; Mike Epps;  Cedric the Entertainer; Steve Harvey; Mark Curry.


17 thoughts on “Top 10 List: Stand-Up Comedians

  1. Mind you I haven’t heard of most of them but they won’t be as good. Billy is supreme and anyway if Eddie Murphy is top of your list (actually the only one I know), it doesn’t say much for the rest … Eddie isn’t a natural wit. He reads scripts and he’s not very versatile. And he ain’t half as sexy as Billy.

  2. I like some of these, but I would have these in my list: Rita Rudner, Brian Regan, Demetri Martin, and George Wallace. Regan and Martin are still performing, but Rudner and Wallace only do a little (I think).

  3. Steph: From what I remember of Billy Connolly he was just alright. He did a brief stint on a TV show called Head of the Class when I was a kid and he had his own sitcom for a while that was mildly entertaining, but I can’t say that I’ve seen his stand-up comedy.

    If all you know of Eddie Murphy is his movies then you’ve got to search out his stand-up. His specials Eddie Murphy: Delirious and Eddie Murphy: Raw are classics. No one could doubt his natural wit after seeing those!

    I’ll leave all talk of sexiness to you. ;-)

  4. Nah I’ve seen eddie stand up. Not funny. Billy’s world tour was best. He leaves Australia on a harley davidson in the absolute nuddy. All you see is his bare bottom and his purple hair flying in the wind. But that wasn’t what was funny. And of course I told you about my working at the theatre and seeing his performances every single night – none of which were the same and each of which made me laugh so hard my eyes swelled up with the tears. And then I bumped into him outside the green room and he yelled to his gofer – ‘after those legs’ as I legged it down the corridor in fright. Long time ago…

  5. Murphy was good when he was doing stand up but Pryor and Carlin both proved themselves over a longer time and a wider range. I remember thinking Cosby was great when he was doing stand-up but I don’t think his stuff has held up as well.

    Rock and Chappelle would be near the top for me of those currently working. I also like Jim Gaffigan, Eddy Izzard, and Louis Black.

  6. Steph: We’ll have to agree to disagree.

    Matt: Yeah, I’ve heard it, but honestly I’ve never been a fan of his stand-up.

    Vinny: I never got Izzard’s comedy. I loved him in The Riches though. It’s a shame they canceled the show. And I just saw Louis Black not too long ago. I hardly cracked a smile.

  7. Nick and Vinny: Cosby was the king of stand-up. He was probably the first to have shows that lasted nearly two hours full of uninterrupted comedy (and he rarely cursed). “Bill Cosby Himself” is one of the best stand-up routines you will ever find (though it is just one example of his many shows). You can find a lot of his stand up on YouTube. He also used to produce records that were nothing but stand-up comedy. If your only knowledge of Cosby’s comedy is from sit-coms, you are really missing out.

  8. Kangaroodort,

    I am old enough to remember Cosby in his stand-up prime and I remember how much I enjoyed him. Maybe I just can’t get his intervening sitcom work (as good as it has been) out of my head.


    My daughter turned me on to Izzard.

    I have never seen Connolly do stand-up, but I have heard him tell stories in interviews that were phenomenal.

  9. He does do interviews well. I remember him on Parkinson years ago and that was side splitting. And he played up well in various interviews when he came down under. Lucky Pamela Stephenson eh!

  10. Ben: I’ve seen his stand-up but it’s just not the style of comedy that I personally go for. That’s not to say that Cosby’s not funny; on the contrary, the man is a genius, but I prefer a different type of stand-up.

  11. i remember being in the hospital the night before my son was born….long, long ago before the bleep was invented or necessary…and watching Carlin on the TV. It was the closest I have ever come to actually ROFL.

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