Top 10 List: Reasons Why You Probably Shouldn’t Be Blogging

  1. You’re too touchy Everything that’s said to or about you doesn’t mean that everyone is attacking you or hates you.
  2. You don’t know how to insert hyperlinks — If we have to cut and paste URLs because of your technological ignorance then shame on you; quit blogging!
  3. You don’t allow comments on your “blog” — I place “blog” in parentheses because a blog that doesn’t allow comments is no blog at all, it’s a website.
  4. You don’t actually blog — If you’ve only posted 4-6 times in the course of a year then you’re not actually blogging.  Yes, we know, you have better things to do and life takes precedence over blogging, hence, you shouldn’t be doing it!
  5. You refuse to reveal your true identity — No one is asking for last name, social security number, and proof of residence, but if you can’t somewhere provide your readers with a legitimate first name at least then the chances are that you’re a coward who doesn’t want your thoughts associated with the ‘real you.’  Here’s an idea, don’t blog!
  6. You turn everything into a debate — This corresponds to #1.  If you’re so high strung as to take everything you read elsewhere and do nothing but debate it, then the chances are you shouldn’t be blogging.
  7. You don’t actually like blogging — If all you blog about is how much you hate blogging then do us all a favor and knock it off.  We’ll all be much happier for it!
  8. You have no sense of humor — This corresponds to #s 1 & 6.  If you can’t laugh at yourself or other stuff that’s funny then the blogosphere is probably not for you.
  9. You’re long-winded — If every post is a lengthy essay then you should be writing books, not maintaining a blog.  If we want to read books then we’ll read books.
  10. You’re too short-winded — If all you can muster is 140 characters then shut down your blog and switch to Twitter.

Bonus Reason: You don’t like Pepsi — If you don’t like Pepsi then I hate you, and if I hate you then you shouldn’t be blogging.


37 thoughts on “Top 10 List: Reasons Why You Probably Shouldn’t Be Blogging

  1. OH NO! As if number 9 wasn’t bad enough for me (being an undergrad and one who cannot as yet write or publish books), the bonus question is my undoing. COKE all the way!!! And I’m pretty sure the Spirit of God may have revealed to me that the angels serve Coke in heaven, and not Pepsi. Then again, I could be wrong.

  2. Hmmm . . . a monkey drinking a Coke. Most interesting. That might suggest that Coke drinkers are atheistic evolutionists. How shall this leopard ever change his spots?

  3. Actual interaction I’ve had with a waitress.

    Waitress: Can I get you started with something to drink?
    Seth: Yes, I’d like a Coke.
    Waitress: Is Pepsi okay?
    Seth: I’ll have a water.

  4. #5 — I know some folks who are quite legitimately blogging anonymously. I can see some arenas in which it would be cowardly, like you biblio folks, but it’s not cowardly in all arenas.

  5. William: By the grace of God all Coke drinkers can switch to Pepsi just like all atheists can place their faith in Christ.

    Seth: Blasphemy!

    Marcy: I have in mind bibliobloggers, but what arenas do you see anonymous blogging as not being cowardly?

    TC: I blog because I like it, because it gives me an outlet to discuss things like Biblical studies and theology with other people who are interested in the subjects, and because I’ve scored tons of free books out of the deal. ;-)

  6. What about those who allow comments, but only after they have first been screened by the owner of the blog? Mind you, the blogger I have in mind disapproves of just about any comment that doesn’t support his own point of view. (He might let a few disagreeing ones in, but only if their arguments are obviously weak.)

  7. Chuck: Diet?!! Help him Lord, help him please!

    TC: Glad you concur.

    Bitsy: Yet it so accurately describes my feelings. ;-)

    John: Yes, that’s a reason why someone probably should be a dictator instead of a blogger. I should have added that to the list.

    Marcy: I see. Makes sense.

  8. Agreed. I’ll even go with the bonus since Pepsi is all I drink now since giving up the heroine known as Mountain Dew Code Red.

    I’d add one more. You care too much about what others think a you let them dictate how you should run your own blog. : )

    Bryan L

  9. actually to tell you the truth I’ve never ever tried it and I never ever will – it doesn’t meet my purity laws.

  10. Steph: You probably should avoid Pepsi. I’m confident that if you were to try it you’d become addicted and never get anything in life done. ;-)

  11. I have an addictive nature – very much so. That is why I never try anything new … and the only bad (? so some people think anyway) thing that passes my lips is champagne – the real stuff from Champagne. I’m spoilt up here – I get given it all the time. Apart from that I’m a pure unadulterated fresh fruiter’n’vegetarian drinker of herbal tea and whoops – the other wicked thing – espresso so strong it doesn’t spill. ;-)

  12. I just have the good fortune, although I’m addicted to expensive champagne, not to be able to drink more than a glass with din dins. Any more and I start to feel dizzy – and I don’t like that. By a glass I’m bloated anyway!

    (I feel sorry for people addicted to alcohol but I don’t understand how they can consume so much liquid!)

  13. It’s way past bedtime and I’m using my own laptop at my desk. Sometimes in the morning I use Maurice’s computer because the room is sunnier there in the mornings. I’ve left comments from both.

  14. I know why I like you Nick – you always make your readers feel special! ;-) But really you’re amazing – you always respond to everyone and that’s alot of everyones commenting on your blog!

  15. Steph: Thanks! Commenting is a large (in fact the largest) part of why I blog. I don’t get to discuss this stuff with my ‘real life’ friends and family so I depend on all of you! Thanks for your continued comments!

  16. Nick, I would also add on: 11) Your wife is nagging that you`re not spending enough time with the kids.

    I`ve actually had to cut down my blogging time over a year ago. Something had to give. It was either blogging or the marriage. It wasn`t going to be my marriage.

  17. well, I still consder Dave Black’s blog a blog though he uses frontpage and so there aren’t comments. you can email him though – he’ll write you back.

    Roger Mugs blogs under a psudeonymn – and he has shared why and I think it is legitimate.

  18. Brian: I wish Dave Black would switch his platform because I can’t keep up with him in an RSS feed. Also, I suspect that he would allow commenting if he was on WP or Blogspot. And I’ve corresponded with him so I can confirm that he writes back.

    As far as Mugs is concerned, what’s his reason? I’d have to hear it before I can make up my mind as to whether it’s legitimate or not.

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