Frame Festschrift

I was very interested to learn that P&R Publishing has just published a festschrift in honor of John Frame called Speaking the Truth in Love: The Theology of John M. Frame.  The table of contents and some sample pages from chapter 2 are available to read online.  Of the many contributors the names I recognize most are Vern Poythress, K. Scott Oliphint, Paul Helm, Bruce Walkte, James Anderson, and Wayne Grudem.  I find it interesting that Frame has contributed many chapters and appendices to his own festschrift!  I can’t say that I’ve seen this anywhere else, at least not that I’ve noticed (although Larry Hurtado and Alan Segal both contributed essays to their festschrift but they were under the impression that they were contributing to a volume in honor of the other, unbeknownst to them the book was for them both).  This looks like one well worth having.

(HT: Andy Naselli)


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