On Consistency

Why do people act surprised when someone is inconsistent?  Is it because they believe themselves to be perfectly consistent at all times?  We’re flawed beings and there are going to be times when we contradict ourselves, whether knowingly or not.  There are going to be times when we change our minds and no longer think the same way about certain matters as we once did.  But when this happens, why do we act as if it’s the shock of all shocks?  How come we act as if it’s not something we’ve done ourselves?


10 thoughts on “On Consistency

  1. If we are renewing our minds through the washing of the Word…we would all have to be changing our minds progressively, on a daily basis, as the Living Word of God is activating change, through the Holy Spirit within us! I don’t really consider that being inconsistent…at least not with the Word of God. That is the process of growth, and it is applicable on secular levels as well as we align our lives with God’s Word. Willy nilly changeability, now that is a different thing altogether.

  2. I’m not shocked when it happens although I do expect people to be consistent. Most of the time people seem to be. Every now and then they’re not themselves or they get backed into a corner and they become inconsistent. I do prefer consistecy though.

    Bryan L

  3. John: In what ways is God inconsistent? Your explanation might surprise me.

    Jason: It’s only blasphemy is he speaks harshly about Pepsi, a sin you know all too well! ;-)

    Nancy: Yeah, I don’t think I’d consider growing and learning to be inconsistent. Willy nilly changeability, yeah, but also just reshaping certain beliefs that don’t fit as neatly into a system as we’d like, or crossing the Reformed-Catholic divide in the name of truth rather than theological consistency, etc. I have these types of things in mind.

    Bryan: Consistent in what ways? You seem to have in mind something like the way folks act; am I right? BTW, this post was kind of the antithesis to yours on tension. ;-)

  4. Yeah I’m thinking about both how people act and what they say they believe. Sometimes when people are backed into a corner they contradict themselves, especially if they are trying to save face or take an easy way out.

    Yeah I guess this was the antithesis of my latest post although I hope God isn’t inconsistent with his character. I don’t expect him to treat everyone and everything the same, that’s not consistency, but I do expect him to be the same yesterday, today and forever.

    Bryan L

  5. Nick: I don’t speak harshly of Pepsi, just truthfully! ;-) In all honesty, I would drink it as readily as I would Coke, only acknowledging Pepsi to be the lesser soda! Ready for the game Sunday? Getting lots of hype on ESPN!

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