Pimp My Blog

If I were to succumb to the temptation of advertising on my blog who would be the companies I’d like to advertise for?  Pepsi would be #1 on my list because I’ve been advertising for them for free almost my entire life.  I wear Timberland boots and Nike sneakers religiously so they’d also get the benefits or my advertising efforts.  And last but not least I’d say Walmart because of how much shopping I do there.  I’m sure there are others that I could think of but these are companies that are huge in my day-to-day life.  Oh, and BibleWorks, definitely.  I use the program daily and it’s such a time saver and help in my studies (so I guess Walmart wasn’t last).


9 thoughts on “Pimp My Blog

  1. I just revamped my blog and removed any links that connected to advertisements…I haven’t removed YouTube though, some of their adverts are really great even if the purpose of the video was not exactly advertising…Walmart comes to mind with Rhett & Link and their totally great WalMart song!

  2. If you do ever succumb, just remember to go self-hosted WordPress first. Otherwise, the WordPress police come and delete you…

    And that would be a huge loss for us bloggers who read you, now wouldn’t it?

    (very carefully avoiding the logout button…)


  3. Nancy: Were the automatically generated Google links, or links of your own concoction?

    George: Get out of here! I didn’t know that WP would do that. Thanks for the heads up. I’ll have to cease my talks with Pepsi. ;-) And way to avoid that logout button. I did it again the other day. Why on earth would they place it in the logical place for the submit button to be?!!

  4. I created the links myself. I used the little yellow duckie, which was free with a picture link back to the artist’s graphics site and I used a screen saver pick that I had reduced down, that also led back to another artist’s site and then there was the hit counter. I ditched all three and reverted to using my own graphics…All were legal, but I decided I didn’t want ANY grief passed down because of FTC guidance confusion. I always tend to lean toward better safe than sorry if there is any doubt. I’m still wondering how the hoopla will affect Google’s ads.

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