Holy Bible: Mosaic Giveaway


Like all of the other participants in the Holy Bible: Mosaic Blog Tour I have a gift certificate to give away that can be redeemed for a hardcover copy of the Holy Bible: Mosaic at your local bookstore.  The rules of my contest are simple:

  1. In the comments to this post tell me in 50 words or less why you’d like to have a copy of the Holy Bible: Mosaic.
  2. Link to this post on your blog, or, if you don’t have a blog then promise to tell someone about the contest.

That’s it.  You have until 11:59 PM (EST) on October 8, 2009 to enter and I will announce the winner on October 9, 2009 (my scheduled date for the blog tour).  I’ll then contact the winner via email and obtain their mailing information.  And I will be accepting international entries.



25 thoughts on “Holy Bible: Mosaic Giveaway

  1. Having grown up in charismatic and pentecostal circles, I would love the chance to get more connected with the worldwide, ancient, and liturgical streams of the Church. Plus, I like the NLT :-)

  2. I would love to have this Bible. As of yet, I have not read much out of the NLT and would like to see if everyone’s right about how good it is.

  3. I too would love to have this bible. I have been reading the NLT along side my TNIV, and I especially enjoy reading the NLT out loud when reading with my wife. I think the Mosaic bible will help me get better acquainted with ancient writers and hopefully introduce me to some new ones.

    Plus I never win anything ;-) Have mercy oh great one.

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  5. Matt, Robert: Should you not be the benefactors of Nick’s graciousness, I will be giving away a copy, too. Only my blog tour stop is not until Nov. 2, so still a little while yet.

  6. I’d like a copy of Mosaic/NLT because I would love to see a Bible with all of the features of which it boasts.
    Well, that, and the fact that I don’t have one.

  7. Charis soi! Thelo to biblion echein, hina ploutous alethinous kerdeso :-) (kai ouk echo NLT)


  8. I’m from a tradition deprived tradition, the only ancient writer I know is Tom Oden, and my current NLT has a ripped binder. All good reasons that I need this Bible. :)

  9. As a small church pastor it’s my responsibility to keep our congregation grounded both theologically and historically within the larger Christian church both locally and globally – I sincerely think the Mosaic edition of the NLT would help me in accomplishing this momentous task!

  10. I would like to win because I really like the NLT, this Bible intrigues me, and it looks like it would be a neat tool for my devotions.

    I did tell someone about your giveawat

  11. I would like to give a copy of Mosaic to my church’s Christian education minister. We follow the Christian year, and I believe Mosaic would be a great resource for her efforts to lead our congregation in deepening our prayer lives, devotional practice, and spiritual discipline.

    And I emailed said Christian education minister a link to this entry. Don’t be surprised if you see a subsequent commenter enter the contest wanting a copy to give to her senior pastor!

  12. I would like to use the Mosaic Bible for family readings throughout the church year. I love advent readings and would like to continue throughout the year with good devotional material taken from a wide variety of writers from throughout church history.

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