11 thoughts on “Ryken on Bible Translation

  1. Mike: I just got done reading it. This part is kind of ambiguous:

    I can imagine that some experts in the Bible in its original languages find it frustrating that an amateur like me has authored books on Bible translation. However, I was struck by the verdict of a New Testament scholar who had initially been skeptical of my authoring a book on Bible translation, but who said after reading my book that only an outsider to the guild could have written such a book.

    He doesn’t say whether or not that’s a good thing. And I’m not sure that the verdict of a single NT scholar makes much difference in the grand scheme of things.

  2. Troy:

    He’s not a bad scholar. He’s a good one in his field – which is closely related to hermeneutics. His work on Milton’s _Paradise Lost_ is fantastic, as is his book _Word of Delight_ & his _Literary Guide to the Bible_ (edited with Tremper Longman III). He knows literature & literary studies well.

    He doesn’t know translation.

  3. Mike,

    This is “as I type” still a semi-free country…I can write books on biblical translation as well…It’s only your fault if you read them…

  4. but nancy – ryken is misinformed, uninformed and plain wrong on so many aspects of his thinking with regard to translations

    he writing a book on translations would be like me trying to write a book on NT Greek – I have only extreme minimal knowledge and what I would say would be an embarassment to many.

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