36 thoughts on “It Figures…

  1. This might be the answer to a bigger question, and that is, why wasn’t it ever marketed as much as the NIV if it was intended to replace it? I’m interested in the newer version though. Tomorrow’s NIV? :)

  2. That’s friggin lame. All those people that stood by them and defended them through the worst of the criticism just got slapped in the face. If I were on the TNIV translation committee and they asked me to help out again with the revised NIV I’d tell them f*** off.

    Bryan L

  3. Michael: I don’t know much about Bible marketing. I can’t say that I’ve noticed much of any marketing past the campaigns for the NLT Study Bible and the ESV Study Bible.

    Bryan: Tell us how you really feel! ;-)

  4. I never got into the TNIV. I guess now they’ll be collectors’ items!

    I just bought mine a couple of weeks ago, should I list it on ebay for 5x the $?

  5. And gee, I’m so glad that I just spent ove $200.00 rebinding my TNIV Reference Bible. Do you know how I feel at this moment!? Not good.

    Who cares about some 2011 updated NIV. It will most likely not be gender-accurate. This stinks.

  6. Nancy: I think it means that complimentarian types will be throwing a lot of parties. ;-)

    William: $200?!! Good Lord man! I don’t know how you could feel good about spending that no matter what the state of the TNIV!

  7. Well, I guess I’m glad I stocked up while I could.

    Meanwhile, why in the world would they call it the NIV 2011? Surely I’m not the only one to realize that this will be taken by some as some sort of proof positive of diabolical plot to supplant the AV 1611!

  8. Esteban, part of Zondervan’s marketing is the 400th anniversary of the KJV. You are right to see the connection there.

  9. You know the more I think about it the more I get the feeling that this really is just an update of the tniv and a phasing out of it’s name so they can focus on marketting one bible. Of course they would no longer sell the tniv after all it’d be like selling previous versions of the nlt. I mean what tniv translator wouldn’t want the chance to revise their work again as well as having their name attached to the niv instead of the tniv.

    Bryan L

  10. William: The only time I’ve seen $200 worth of leather it came in the form of a nice jacket.

    Esteban: Well of course it’s a plot to supplant the AV 1611! We all know that these modern translations are demonic!

    Michael: Seriously?

    Bryan: Quite possible. I wonder how different it’s actually going to be. I’m also curious as to whether or not they’ll engineer a Greek text to stand beneath it and use it for the third edition of their Reader’s Greek NT.

  11. They were working on an update to the TNIV. If the gender issues are conceded, and the rest of the TNIV changes are is incorparated into the new NIV, that’s probably good enough for me.

  12. I think Zondervan had good intentions for the TNIV – they just didn’t expect to get bowled over as badly as they did by those devoted to certain doctrines. Once Wayne Grudem and his cronies began their intentional disinformation campaign and sent out “that letter” to every major bookseller in the nation labeling it feminist and gender inclusive and all that (specifically asking them not to sell the TNIV) – it was game over and only a matter of time before it would be back to the drawing board for Zondervan – and if they want to stay competitive in the Bible money market – something has to give sooner or later. I know this is terrible, maybe even ignorant or libelous, but that’s my view.

  13. Brian,
    I suspect the same thing is going to happen all over again to the 2011 NIV. If not over gender, it will be something else. You watch…

  14. Kevin: I guess so.

    A.Admin: So do you think this is just the updated TNIV with a new name?

    Brian: But isn’t it gender inclusive? I thought that was one of its selling points.

    TC: I don’t know. How about “I’m glad I got all those TNIVs when I had the chance”? ;-)

    Douglas: But surely having your notes in it makes it more valuable! ;-)

  15. Nick, overall I think this is good news. For one they will be committed to one bible. Second, the old NIV and the TNIV will no longer be published and this will provide all us TNIV readers with much better bible options. However, I do hope that the NIV 2011 will be as good or better than the TNIV.

    I realize that they are going to make changes in various gender areas, but if they keep the majority of the TNIV, and even improve that, then I think it is the best for all of us. For those of us that love to read and use the TNIV, we still have it in the form of a written copy. So we can always reference it.

    Well at least I know that I should not buy anymore TNIV bibles, and which explains why they have not issued any new bibles except for the nice pocket when they introduced a couple of months ago.

    But what really sucks for me is that I finally picked the TNIV REF Bible to mark up and started to make some nice highlights that followed a good system. Ugh…

  16. Robert: I’m sure it will be comparable. I wonder if it’s going to be an entirely new translation started from the ground up or simply a revision to one of the existing versions. I’d like to see the former.

    And don’t worry, you can transfer your system to the new one. I’m sure that the versification will be the same so that shouldn’t affect your system. :-)

  17. Nick, yeah I know but so much work goes into systematically marking up a bible, which is why I had stopped, but decided to start up again.

    But I am really looking for to the revised NIV.

  18. A.Admin: So do you think this is just the updated TNIV with a new name?

    To answer your question, I think at this point its an unknown. It sound like from Doug Moo that they don’t have final decisions on their direction.

  19. Robert: That’s why I don’t systematically mark up my Bibles; too much work!

    A.Admin: I suppose you’re right. Sadly I probably won’t be keeping up with all the goings on of this translation. Just point me to it when it’s done so I can take a look for myself.

    Douglas: And who wouldn’t want to collect your notes? They’re sure to become classics along the lines of all your favorite Puritans or something like that. ;-)

  20. The upswing is that come 2011, we are going to have a new book out by Ruckman and/or Riplinger about the pure AV1611 versus the adulterated NIV2011. Should be a good book.

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