On Defending Bible Software

It’s mind boggling how riled up some folks get when people talk about their Bible software.  See the comments to Kevin Edgecomb and Rick Mansfield‘s recent posts on BibleWorks and Logos for Mac/Accordance respectively.  I can understand when the owners or head programmers chime in to defend their products since they actually have a personal stake in it, but when users of the software get all uppity and start becoming rabid apologists for this or that software it’s just crazy.  It’s Bible software people!  What do you care if someone has a problem with a program you love?  They aren’t telling you not to use it, are they?  We should all just rejoice in the fact that there’s a lot of programs out there to aid us in our study of the Bible and related literature.  So simmer down folks, simmer down.


7 thoughts on “On Defending Bible Software

  1. It also boggles the mind that some people seem not to comprehend what I wrote at all. If the software worked for what I wanted it for, I’d use it happily. I did not say that I’d never use it for anything else! I pushed BibleWorks beyond its limits in this instance. So I’ll get another tool for that usage.

    Thanks for your comment!

  2. Chuck: I never understood why ‘less filling’ was supposed to be a good thing. It seems to promote drunkenness!

    Kevin: Indeed. Rick had the same problem!

  3. Less filling means “watery and tasteless”.

    It’s interesting to note the tone of the different software representative’s comments. It was different from what I expected.

  4. Jeff: Somehow I don’t think that’s what it meant in those ad campaigns from years ago.

    And I agree, the tones were completely different. One was very defensive and the other was not. I think certain things would have been better if said in private correspondance rather than in the comments to a blog post.

  5. I confess to being meaner than the developers. I do like BibleWorks, and have used it since either 2000 or 2001, somewhere around there, I think starting with version 4. But what go to me was a series of private emails that were pretty dismissive of my concerns and suggestions for improvement, at least in my opinion. How hard is it to simply say, “That’s a good idea, and I’ll bring it up with the developers,” even if it’s not precisely true? I’d’ve been satisfied with the mere perception that work was being done toward perfecting BibleWorks rather than this attempt at excusing its shortcomings. I don’t understand why people wouldn’t want greater perfection in their software, as they should also in their lives. Apparently I’m just mean and unrealistic that way.

  6. Kevin: I’m probably biased, but I didn’t think you came off as being mean. But I hear ya, they should have at least had the decency to string you along.

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