In the Mail

The mailman just dropped off my review copy of the pseudonymous Sevetus the Evangelical’s book The Restitution of Jesus Christ.  I have to say that it’s not quite like anything I’ve received to date.  It’s spiral bound and apparently the contents are the book’s galleys.  Here’s a few pics to show you what I’m talking about:




The layout is going to make the book somewhat more difficult to read comfortably (like laying in bed or something) but I’ll survive.  


17 thoughts on “In the Mail

  1. TC: I always hated when I had to pay for those spiral bound books in seminary. I felt I was jipped out of a real book!

  2. Jason: That’s kind of how I feel with this one! I’m glad I didn’t pay $30 for it!

    Jake: It’ll be tough but I’m sure I’ll magae. I’ll just have to read at my desk.

  3. Whoa. Not sure I like that. Had a couple similar to the layout in undergrad work, but those weren’t sideways like this.

  4. Matt: Yeah, it’s the sideays thing that’s bugging me the most. It’s a book, not a calendar!

  5. Jason, remember your days are not over in seminary just yet. You might still have to pay. :-D

    Nick, I paid a few $20 here and there. They never seemed to cost more.

  6. Nick: Have you read any of it yet? Do you feel the burden of heresy just holding it?

    TC: You’re right. Boy, I hope that post-grad work yields at least properly bound books!

  7. TC: Yeah, if you had to get them then you had to. WTS sells some stuff like that but it’s always pretty cheap. Like $10 and under.

    Jason: I haven’t gotten into it yet. It’s not a priority at the moment. But I think it was Walter Martin who said, “I like my heretics straight up.” I’m just glad that this guy is up front about being a heretic, although I’m sure he thinks he’s just ‘right.’

  8. Jason, I have a feeling it’s gonna be the same.

    Nick, I always knew I was being ripped off. I’m serious. They would tell us that it cost them to put the stuff together.

  9. Nick: I guess it would be less frustrating to read someone who is at least forward in stating their beliefs run contrary to the mainstream.

    TC: My intro Greek prof in seminary required for class his soon-to-be-published text on Greek grammar. It was a proof copy, so it was spiral bound. The upside was he didn’t charge us for it and would pay us $1 for every typo!

  10. TC: Yes, several actually. However, I never managed to remember to tell my prof–I could’ve made enough to buy a few cappuccinos!

  11. TC: It does cost them, but not no $20!

    Jason: Not really. It’s still pretty frustrating. This guy claims to have written the best book ever on the subject so that’ll probably add to my annoyance, but we’ll see.

    Marcy: That’s who he’s named himself after, yup.

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