I’m Half a Calvinist

Doug Chaplin pointed to some quiz to determine one’s C-factor.  I came out as basically half a Calvinist.


Too bad there weren’t any questions about theology.  I suspect my percentage would have gone down if there were. Go see where you come in.


35 thoughts on “I’m Half a Calvinist

  1. TC: The questions were pretty stupid if you ask me. Asking about expensive food and clothes isn’t going to give anyone a good idea of where someone falls theologically, but then again I’m sure the quiz was never meant to be taken seriously.

  2. I am 86% Calvinist, although I am theologically too (well, assuming you’re referring to the five points… I don’t wholly agree with Calvin by any means).

  3. According to the quiz, I am 69% Calvinist. Unlike you, my brother Nick, if theology had been incorporated I would have been higher! ;-)

  4. I am a 100% not taking these stupid stereotype promoting quizzes. Why doesn’t the quiz maker just tell people that Calvinists are intolerant, only think in black and white etc.

  5. I think he does say that. He calls them digital, and says they don’t like tolerance. I have no idea what that has to do with Calvinism. They should have substituted fundamentalism for Calvinism, and left the questions the same. And I say this as a dyed-in-wool Arminian.

  6. I can`t believe I scored so high: 83%. I didn`t know I was such a Calvinist. I think I`m starting to change my mind about myself.

  7. Jeff: I thought he did tell people that. ;-)

    philosophickle: You’ve said it better than I could have.

    Michael: Ha! If only I could bring myself to listen to or read Piper then I might know what you’re talking about. ;-)

    Mike: If you scored the same as me then yours must be a great mind indeed!

    Kevin: See what happens when you start celebrating the annoversary of Calvin’s birth and reading the Institutes!

    Jake: Exactly!

    Kevin: Don’t they say that we make fun of folks for because we see in them everything that we don’t like about ourselves. ;-)

  8. I got 47% – makes some sense given I often call myself a monergistic synergist!

    I agree though much of the test was full of stereotypes – just because one may not fancy rich food and rich clothes does not mean one is calvinistic – or if you work hard maybe that just means, well, you work hard.

  9. oh how funny – I’m 47% Calvinist but ‘like to live life in a lighter way in order to enjoy it’. I completely agree.

  10. monergist (our salvation is enacted by God alone, period) – synergist (our salvation is enacted by God and lived out in faith by man) – most calvinists eschew synergism of any sort calling it either palagianism or semi-palagianism.

    I see a both and situation and Phil 2:12-13 can lend support to this idea.

    Hence the monergistic synergist.

  11. Steph: If only I knew how Calvinists lived life I could be sure if I liked to live it ‘lighter.’

    Brian: I gotcha. I’d change “enacted” to “initiated” to describe what I believe because I believe that our response to God’s call through faith and repentance plays a part.

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  13. I think ‘lighter’ just means to live life lightly and not take it or yourself too seriously. I think life is pretty seriously black and white for calvinists.

  14. I think I’ve always took life on the more serious side.

    Since we can’t convert them to Calvinism by our arguments, Let them take a Quiz…

    For non-Calvinist, this quiz may have more persuasive power to convert one to Calvinism than one might think. ;)

  15. Steph: Well we all know how seriously I take myself, so that can’t possibly apply to me. ;-)

    Kevin: It can’t be any less persuasive than the standard Calvinists one encounters online. ;-)

  16. Jeff: not at all – how dull. Mystery, not knowing and freedom to explore possibilities is far more interesting. Mind you – the more I learn, the more I know I don’t know but that’s ultimately exciting anyway.

  17. and I wasn’t? I love it when people take me literally. Just like I love it when people who don’t know me accuse me of being a fundamentalist Christian. ;-)

  18. I know I’m a little late to the party. But I’m with you on how silly that quiz was. I had written a post for Calvin’s 500th attacking TULIP and got 47% with 100% on belief.

    On the other hand I got 0% on sobriety and I have 3 drinks a month maybe less.

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