Which Non-Theo/Biblioblogs Do You Read?

Do you read blogs that aren’t related to theology or Biblical studies?  If so, which ones?  I read a couple of food blogs and a bunch of MMA blogs.  Here they are in the order they appear in my Google Reader:

Matt-Hughes.com — This is the personal blog of former UFC welterweight champion Matt Hughes. 

MMA on Tap — A great blog to get my mixed martial arts updates.  I’m most interested in what’s going on with the UFC but they give the news concerning all the various MMA outfits.  They’ve also been known to post a fight video or two.

MMA Root — This one is mainly for watching fight videos.  They stay pretty current and you can watch some great fights for free from them. 

MMACore.com — Same as the last one, mainly videos, although this site picks up the slack of the other by having a more diverse selection to watch.

MMAWeekly.com — This is probably the bloggiest of them all.  Constantly updated with MMA news in succinct and focused posts. 

Rachel Ray Blogs — Contrary to the blog’s name, Rachel Ray doesn’t blog as often as you’d think she would.  Nonetheless, this is a good place to pick up a bunch of recipes and info about nutrition and whatnot.  And if you don’t know who Rachel Ray is then crawl out from under your rock and find out!

Super Chef — A good blog for all things food.  From news about some of the big name chefs to cook book notices to food on TV, this blog has it all.  Unfortunately, the blog’s author Juliette Rossant doesn’t post as consistently as I’d like.

The Feedbag — Best food blog on the planet, hands down!  Citysearch Restaurants Editor  Josh Ozersky is the man when it comes to reporting what’s going on with celebrity chefs.  He’s also great at reviewing restaurants and menus and he’s quite witty as well.  Monday through Friday I can always count on a steady stream of food news coming from the Feedbag.

UFC — This is the official UFC website.  Here you can catch weigh-in results, the occasional article from UFC fighters, and a bunch of thoughtful articles from guys who get paid to write about this stuff.

MMAMania.com — This one is the best of them all.  My first stop for UFC news, rumors, fight results, quick quotes, videos, and pics. My favorite features are Nostradumbass’ fight predicitons (which I tend to generally agree with) and all the interviews with various fighters.

How about you?



4 thoughts on “Which Non-Theo/Biblioblogs Do You Read?

  1. I subscribe to an iPod Touch games feed. I like to know what the newest games coming out are.

    I also subscribe to:

    Leiter’s Report: a philosophy blog

    Open Culture:Links to Lectures and that kind of stuff

    Do it Yourself Scholar: Reviews courses and lectures available online.

    That’s pretty much it. I used to subscribe to some political blogs blogs but I found myself skipping over most of the posts.

  2. I don’t read too many non-theo/bibioblogs. I read Allison Mack’s (Smallville) blog every now and then, since I think she’s hot (no, I’m not a stalker). I also read some Asperger Syndrome blogs, mostly Autistic B**** from H***, and sometimes Asperger’s Square 8.

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