I just came across Duke University’s DukeSpace which is similar to the Edinburgh Research Archive in that it allows you to search for various publications or dissertations by various staff members and students.  I’ve come across a couple of interesting looking dissertations related to Biblical studies and theology so far.  Can’t wait to see what else I can find.



6 thoughts on “DukeSpace

  1. Ahhhhh, Duke. I remember my time there well.

    I will have to check this out as well. Duke was pretty cutting edge with their technology. The Div school, however, didn’t take advantage of it as often as the undergraduate courses. Heck, all the undergrads got free ipods the year I started at Duke. I, unfortunately, didn’t get one.

  2. Indeed, I got my Masters there. Obviously someone hasn’t read my “about me” page very carefully.

    And does it suck because I went to Duke, or suck because I didn’t get an ipod? I’m not sure I want to weigh in on that question myself (kidding).

  3. I’m a distance student at Reform Theological Seminary (www.rts.edu) and they too have an online collection of thesis’. Not nearly as extensive as Duke or Edinburgh I imagine, but you never know what you’ll stumble across.

  4. Divietro: Thanks for the info. I took a look, but everything I came across seems to require a password. Is what you’re talking about open to the public?

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