An Orthodox Convert!

Esteban Vázquez has finally made the move to WordPress as he vowed so long ago!  His move to WP also marks his return to blogging after well more than a month in keyboard purgatory.  Armed with a new PC and a head full of ideas (plus a shelf’s worth of review books!) I’m sure that we can expect quite a bit from the virtual pen of one of my favorite bloggers.  Make you to update your blogrolls and RSS feeds.



10 thoughts on “An Orthodox Convert!

  1. Well, like all high-profile converts, I intend to keep low key about my change of affiliation until I have become rooted and established in that which I have newly embraced — although Claude Mariottini, who is almost persuaded to join our ranks, has already asked me for an apologia pro vita mea. ;-)

    Nancy> Thanks! :-)

  2. Esteban: I just followed up on Josh’s blog. Mangum seems like a hard case but I’ll bet that he’ll convert eventually. McManaway is going to see the light any day now, I can feel it!

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