A Comment Approved but then Deleted

Someone just left a comment on an old post from 2007.  The post in question was my reaction to a taped phone conversation I heard between Pastor Gene Cook (lay apologist, avid debater, and radio show host) and an unknown Jehovah’s Witness.  You can read the post for yourself but for those who won’t, I basically lamented Cook’s handling of the matter.  He allowed the JW to bully him and make ridiculously bad arguments that never went refuted.  It was sad, very sad.  In any event, someone left the following comment which I initially approved but then upon a second reading deleted:

This post makes me want to run away from anything to do with Christianity. I didn’t realize God wanted demoralizing blogs posted about His people. I’m no Bible expert, but I’m assuming that God would want you to take this directly to said pastor who you are demoralizing and help him arm himself for the next encounter he has with a JW, as opposed to tearing him down publicly. But your blog makes it blatantly obvious that this isn’t about God, it’s about you feeling smarter. Funny how the ‘I’ve got a bigger penis’ game plays out even in Christianity with well established religious leaders such as yourself. So as Gene may have had a ‘weak’ retort on the subject of Greek semantics, you have managed to destroy my entire view on Christianity. I guarantee you that you will continue to push away thousands from God with your methods…after all, they are absolutely methods of YOUR making, not Gods. Thanks for steering me away from the church, yet again.


My first reading left me with the thought that this was nothing more than your run of the mill, “how dare you criticize another Christian” type of comment which is why I approved it.  I don’t mind those because I would have been happy to explain my point of view.  But upon a closer reading I noticed the references to the post in question being the reason for this guy’s apostasy.  Clearly I’m dealing with someone who’s less than stable when they start blaming their defection from the faith on my criticism of another Christian’s handling of a certain situation.  Leaving the comment approved would have just been an invitation for more such nonsense.  Oh, and for the record, I’m not an “established religious leader.”  ;-)



9 thoughts on “A Comment Approved but then Deleted

  1. Hmmmm…that’s a strange comment for a few reasons:

    1. It’s obvious that the commenter has something much more sincere going on underneath the comment itself…they were probably just Googling for answers to question that they are having.

    2. You don’t really attack Gene Cook in that post, and if anyone has ever listened to Gene Cook they would know that he both would enjoy that type of response and not take it harshly (he does after all get pretty fierce himself at times).

    3. As odd as this seems, for someone clearly hurt by the church (or at least faking it for rhetorical sake), they come across as somewhat triumphalistic.

    4. Oh yeah, if you’re going to criticize a Christian brother for criticism of other Christian brothers then you need to read Luke 7:41ff.

  2. Ranger: Interestingly enough, back in ’07 Cook emailed me after coming across my posts and he didn’t complain a bit. He basically just brushed me off as an amateur and kept things moving.

  3. You’re sure you deleted it never to be seen again? Or, is this like digging through the trash to find the crumpled paper…just so you don’t forget what should be deleted?

  4. Nancy: It can always be found reproduced in this post, but I unapproved it and then deleted it so as not to have to worry about this fellow leaving any more.

  5. I like that after he said all that, he added, ‘Cheers’ on the end. It reminds me of those people at church who say, ‘Will, I want to tell you something in love…’, which translates into English as, ‘Hold onto your seat, I am going to hit you hard.’

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