Patristic Pronunciation

How do you pronounce the following: Cappadocians; Augustine.

Do you say KapUhDokEEans or KapUhDOshuns?

Do you say UhGusTin or AwGusTEEN?


16 thoughts on “Patristic Pronunciation

  1. Before studying Greek and Latin I favored option 2 on both counts. Now I frequently say option 1 for both.

    Of course, being Texan I sound silly saying either. It’s kind of like that recent Douglas Kelley interview on Christ the Center. I really liked just about everything he had to say, but he sounded silly saying it because of his accent! I quite often feel the same way…big words and Texan accents don’t mix.

  2. I tend to option 1 for Cappadocians, primarily because it seems strange that one would take the -ians ending, which is largely an Anglicisation, and then try to re-Greek the name.

    I’m not sure either of your Augustine matches what I would think if I were preserving the Latin, but at least option 2 is accenting the right syllable for Augustinus.

  3. I’ve mostly heard option 2 for the first one, and option 1 for the second. I’ve lived in NJ, VA, upstate NY, and now IN.

  4. This reminds me of a time in Munich…After considering carefully what we might order from a snack kiosk, I mustered my very best German and went to place our order…The kid behind the counter smiled really big and using his very best English replied…”Where are you from…Texas or Tennessee?

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