My brother-in-law just dropped off my sister’s copy of Twilight.  Apparently she really loves the movie and from what I saw the other day it won every MTV Movie Award that it was nominated for.  From what I’ve heard though, the vampires don’t seem very vampirish and that bothers me quite a bit given my love for vampire flicks.  I’m going to watch it in a little bit so I’ll check back with some afterthoughts.


4 thoughts on “Twilight

  1. I watched the film on the way to Israel, so for a time filler it wasn’t all that bad. It made me interested enough to see the sequel that’s supposed to come out (but maybe I will wait for another plane ride!).

    This is more love story and teenage angst (even with the 200 year old vampire stuck in a 17 year old body with the same teenage problems) than vampire flick.

    Did you ever catch Jesus Christ Vampire Hunter?

  2. Will: That’s exactly (like almost word for word) how I described the movie to my dad. I’ll wait for my sister to get the sequel on DVD when it comes out. And no, I never caught that one. I’ve seen clips from it though and I’m glad that I haven’t!

  3. I’m not surprised your sister loves the movie. Twighlight (especially the books) is like porn for women. They fall in love with Edward. Not surprising that a woman wrote it : )

    Bryan L

  4. Bryan: Yeah, she has the books too. She told me that if you’ve read the books first then you won’t like the movie as much. Won’t be a problem for me though. ;-)

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