In Search of Articles

Update: Kevin Edgecomb was kind enough to pass along copies of the last two articles.  Many thanks!

Unfortunately, I only have limited access to two journals that articles I’m looking for appear in. In SJT I have access back to 2002 but the article I need is in a 2001 issue. With NB I have access back to 2004 but the article I need is from 2000.  And most disappointing of all is that I don’t have any access to SVTQ.  If anyone has access to these journals and could get these articles to me I’d greatly appreciate it.  The third article from Kilby is the least important.  I actually have the full text of the article but lack the proper pagination which would be necessary if ever I were to cite it.   But again, any help will be appreciated, thanks.

Randall E Otto. “The Use and Abuse of Perichoresis in Recent Theology.” Scottish Journal of Theology 54/3 (2001): 366-84.

Verna Harrison. “Perichoresis in the Greek Fathers.” St. Vladimir’s Theological Quarterly 35 (1991): 53-65.

Karen Kilby. “Perichoresis and Projection: Problems with Social Doctrines of the Trinity.” New Blackfriars 81 (2000): 432-45.



3 thoughts on “In Search of Articles

  1. Nick, I was able to find the Harrison article in pdf form from Fuller and if you shoot me an email at the address used here I will be happy to send it to you. Fuller does have the Otto article in its print holdings but not in electronic format. If you can’t find it elsewhere, I can always photocopy it and snail mail it (or possibly have it digitized on campus as I heard recently that our copy services will do this for you for a small fee). The Kilby article did not appear in either our electronic or print holdings.

  2. Jeremiah: Someone sent along the last two articles so I won’t be needing them. Thank you for offering though. As to the Otto article, it’s not so important that I’d bother anyone to photo copy it or have it digitized.

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