Just Ordered… (2)

Alright, I made my choice.  I ended up spending my Amazon gift certificate on Fee & Stuart’s How to Read the Bible for All Its Worth and I. Howard Marshall’s New Testament Theology: Many Witnesses, One Gospel.  I went with Marshall over Bultmann for a couple of reasons:

  1. It’s newer, and one would think, more up-to-date.
  2. It’s a hardcover book.

I’ve had my eye on the Bultmann volume for a while now, but it’s a large paperback which doesn’t give me confidence that the pages will stay in it as long as I’d like.  It’s also a two-volumes-in-one deal and I’d prefer to have each volume separately if possible.  The final reason is that I think it’s just too expensive for a paperback.  If it were $10 cheaper then I probably would have gotten it.  We’ll see if I can’t find a good used copy somewhere down the road.

Interestingly enough, Marshall’s volume will be my first NT theology.  I have a couple of OT theologies, and a few books on Biblical theology, and even some on systematic theology, but not a single volume on NT theology.  This will start my collection which will eventually include: Schreiner’s volume, Thielman’s volume, and probably before either of them, Dunn’s volume.

If anyone’s interested, my birthday is coming up in July so I’ll add them all to my theology wish list. ;-)



15 thoughts on “Just Ordered… (2)

  1. I just got Marshall’s NT Theology on cd today–can’t wait to read. I’ve really enjoyed G. E. Ladd’s NT theology, too.

  2. Ladd’s should be added as well. I got Schlatter’s and IHM’s for my birthday this year…I haven’t opened either, but look forward to doing that soon enough.

  3. Paging not secure? What kind of shoddy publishing arm do you think we run here at Baylor? I mean, if you don’t want to buy Bultmann, at least give a good, convincing reason . . . for instance, any of these would have worked . . .

    “eh, it’s Bultmann”
    “Bultmann doesn’t fit my canon within a canon”
    “demythologization schmeemythologization”

    Or you could just call him a supersessionist. Unfortunately, that era’s scholarship–OT and NT alike–is often typified by such unfortunate prejudices. Good thing I don’t have a prejudice against Bultmann.

  4. Jason: Cool, let me know what you think of Marshall after you get into it. BTW, did you ever decide on a Biblical theology?

    Ranger: Ladd’s the historic premillennial guy, right? I’ve not read anything that he’s written and know very little about him.

    John: The kind of publishing arm that is very difficult to obtain review copies from! But I have a deep appreciation for Bultmann—much more so than his theological German counterparts—namely because he’s so clear when he writes and they… well, they aren’t!

  5. Nick,

    No, and to complicate things further I added James K. Mead’s work on the subject to the mix. I can’t decided between two–how with three?!?


  6. Jason: Way to make things harder!

    Brian: I could have if I was interested in reviewing it. It’s so big and I doubt if I’ll read the whole thing any time soon. That’s the pleasure of buying books though; I can read them at my leisure rather than feeling an obligation to do so.

  7. Nick,

    Yeah, I tend to do that to myself often. Today I got 6 boxes of books and software from my father-in-law. Included, among many other works, was the entire 28-volume set of early church fathers from Hendrickson STILL IN THE BOX! Guess I have plenty to read now!

  8. Nick, Marshall is a great choice. I have Thielman and Schreiner.

    I have to agree with Michael Metts on Schreiner.

    Yeah, Ladd too.

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