One of the Weirdest Comments Ever

Update: The person who made this comment left a number of weird comments on this post that I have not approved because I have no desire for this individual to keep commenting.  He (?) says that he has actually died 24 times as in no heart beat dead, so I’ll have to take his word for it.  That being said, I still find the comment weird, so I won’t be removing this post, but I will refrain from making fun of the references to this person’s death in the comments.  I’d appreciate if we could all do the same.

I followed a pingback from my blog to the Better Bibles Blog and came across this comment:

No bible can be improved upon! In the beginning God was the word and the word was one. Who is ignorant of the evil of their own hearts enough to think that they can improve God. To alter the word by one jot or one tittle is to undo creation! simple as that. It wasn’t until Naphtali and his sons made the perverse copies of the book of the law, (to conceal God from the nation of Israel for their own fear, wherein he and his Sons altered the vowel points and having read each one chose the most perverse copy of the ten)that we were even able to say that there was a different “Version” of the law or the books or the prophets or the writings. It’s time for us all to wake up and realize that our perverse “versions” of the bible are just vein attempts to get around the letter of the law, as is customary in our society. By definition a “Law” is something that holds true in all situations, there are no loopholes, no bending or breaking, no lawyers, only a judge. That is to say that our entire earths society is based upon lies. I’ve been dead 24 times, alive 25 and know that death is the most pervasive lie of all. Try that on.

One of the weirdest ever, hands down.



8 thoughts on “One of the Weirdest Comments Ever

  1. My favorite:”I’ve been dead 24 times, alive 25 and know that death is the most pervasive lie of all.”
    Is this person alive or dead at the moment he wrote the comment?

  2. Brian: As per my update I’ll be refraining from poking fun at the death reference.

    Bitsy: I’m glad that you got your laugh. I was more perplexed than anything.

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