Why Vampires are Better than Werewolves

I went to Walmart yesterday and picked up DVDs of Taken (which btw, was good enough for me to see on bootleg, in the theater, and now own on DVD) and Underworld: Rise of the Lycans.  Last night I watched Underworld and I wasn’t blown away.  I loved the first two movies but this one fell a bit flat.  Was it because Kate Beckinsale wasn’t in it?  Well, that didn’t help matters, but it was a prequel so it wasn’t harmful to the story.  Was it because the acting was bad?  Nah, it’s on par with the acting in the other films.  Weak fight scenes?  Nope, they were decent overall.  So what was the problem with this one?  The problem was that the Lycans (werewolves) got the focus.  No cool hybrid vampire/lycan like in the first two films (he hadn’t been born yet); just a bunch of werewolves, a few vampires who weren’t very vampy, and a lackluster storyline.

But my frustration with werewolves is due to the fact that they’re just not that cool.  For starters, they have to change into werewolves, usually only at the full moon (depending on the movie).  This change always looks painful and awkward (except of course for in the Teen Wolf movies which were probably the best werewolf movies ever, yes, even Teen Wolf Too), and once they change they just become savages.  There’s no hint of intelligence; they become big animals; dumb dogs looking for dinner.  I sat through more than my fair share of The Howling movies and An American Werewolf in London/Paris, and in all of them I’ve been bored.  In flipping the channels today Blood and Chocolate was on and these werewolves turned into actual wolves!  It was lame and ridiculous! 

Ahh, but vampires are vamps all the time, no change necessary (except of course for the initial conversion).  They look like they looked before they were turned into vampires in most films, and even  in the ones they don’t they’re still infinitely cooler than werewolves.  They’re intelligent and conniving, as well as fast and strong.  They can fight with or without weapons and sometimes they fly!  In every respect a vampire is better than a werewolf, and it’s because of this simple fact that vampire flicks are better than werewolf flicks.  That was the appeal of the first couple of Underworld movies; the vampires were up front for the most part.  And let’s face facts, we got two great television series based on vampires in Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel.  What great TV shows ever came from werewolves?  NB that Werewolf (FOX) doesn’t count because 1) it was lame, and 2) it only lasted a season.



16 thoughts on “Why Vampires are Better than Werewolves

  1. That’s deep. ; )

    My wife spends time trying to convince me the Twilight vampires are way better than regular/traditional vampires, meanwhile I try to convince her that they aren’t even vampires!

    Bryan L

  2. Bryan: I haven’t seen the movie but I was discussing it with my brother-in-law on Mother’s Day. When he told me that these “vampires” walk around during the day but don’t have their powers I had to explain to him that that’s NOT a vampire! My sister is presently reading the book series and she says they’re better than the movie.

  3. Yeah my wife and every woman she knows who’s read the books has become obsessed with them. When you hear your sister start referring to Edward Cullen like he could be real then you know she’s been hooked. : ) I don’t know what it is about those books. What’s interesting is that they were written by a Mormon house wife. Crazy huh?

    Not only can they walk around in day, but their teeth are all sharp (no fangs I think), they aren’t hurt by crosses, garlic, or holy water and you can’t kill them with a stake through the heart. Not vampires!! Drinking blood and living forever does not make a vampire.

    Bryan L

  4. Vampires aren’t better than werewolves, it’s just that technology hasn’t catched up with creating REALLY good CGI and special effects for werewolves…
    Vampires are easy to portray, a cloak, fake teeth and contact lenses are all you need to make one.
    (and a little bit of makeup)
    But werewolves are hard.

    I’m sure in time…making CGI werewolves will become easy and cool!
    i admit, werewolf movies aren’t that good, but maybe it’s cause hollywood only portrays them as savages which i think isn’t fair.
    iv’e read some articles about werewolf myths and legends, some of them make the werewolf look more civilized than he vampire, but because of Hollywood’s prejudical eye towards them…well, need i say more?

    I mean, the vampires get make overs and stuff, like, in twilight, vampires there fortunatley don’t burn in the sun. but what about werewolves? they still remain the same…which makes me think it’s unfair…

  5. Pinkpapi: Nah, vamps are better period. Even reading about vampires is cooler than reading about werewolves. It has nothing to do with CGI, which btw, is advanced enough to do something cool with werewolves. The problem is that werewolves don’t have any inherent coolness so they can’t do anything with them!

  6. The werewolves in the new Twighlight movie might be pretty cool. They’re shape shifters that can change at any time (into a wolf) and they hunt in packs. They aren’t killed like regular werewolves apparently (silver bullet). Also they can read each others minds when they are wolves in a pack.

    Bryan L

  7. I think it’s coming out in the winter. Check MTV.com for the trailer. You don’t get much from it though unless you’ve seen the first movie.

  8. screw vamps man, werewolves will always be better, and notice how in the underworld movies they don’t even need to shift to their wolf form and they are still stronger than vampires.

    point is, shifting looks cool and they only need to transform when really necessary, and I think “pinkpapi” doesn’t understand that only the first breed of werewolves are out of control.

  9. Vampires are better in every aspect. From strength, speed, sex appeal, charm, evil, cunning. Werewolfs are cool, but the vampire intrigues me more.

    Twilight vampires and werewolves are nothing compared to the traditional ones. Twilight vamps shine in the sun and the wolfs are just shape shiftes like Love and Chocolate, instead the wolf is bigger. The author even says that they are not “real”werewolves, but just shape shifters in the last book of the Twilight series. and in a interview. It should also be noted that she said she doesn’t like vampires at all. Maybe that’s why she changed them into sparkling vamps and not the damned creatures we love.

    I love the vampire who is evil and the werewolf who only turns in the moon light. What is the lore of the werewolf if he can change at will? It defeats the propose of the beast. But for me personal, the vampire is more complex creature out of the two. The vampire mythology has more of a, dare I say “realistic” pull for me than a man or woman who can turn into wolf.

  10. I do believe Big Wolf On Campus was a great show, that many people remember ever after a decade has passed. It lasted 3 Seasons and the mix of horror and humor was great. Vampires could never make a decent show for kids. Vampires on the show were there to just be killed, which was very easy since vampires are easy to kill. Werewolves are redeemable, vampires aren’t. A werewolf’s mission can easily be protecting humans from vampires. Whereas the opposite is completely ridiculous. Religion hates vampires.

  11. I think that vampires are stronger than werewolfs because one werewolf dosent stand a chance by him self thats why they gather there selfs up i mean look what happend to jacob in twilight 3

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