Whatever Happened to…

Update: I’ve received word from Jeff Rosenberg the assistant to Zev Isaacs who heads up the Messianic Prophecy Bible that the project is very much alive and active.  He explained all of the work that’s going into the production of this Bible with regard to translation, notes, editing, beta testing, etc.  He proposed a Fall 2010 release date but it could be longer.  I’m fine with that.  It’s just nice to know that my past contributions were to a project that will be completed. 

The Messianic ProphecyBible?  I used to donate $35 a month to the making of this Bible.  A couple of friends of mine did the same.  I was sponsoring Isaiah 6 (since each donation went to sponsoring the production of a chapter in this Bible).  They gave me a 12 CD lecture series from Michael L. Brown on “Answering Jewish Objections to Jesus” as well as the third volume of his book series of the same title.  At the time they assured me repeatedly that this Bible would be done within 18 months.  That was three years ago!  I’ve just looked at the website and its exactly the same as it was back then.  I wonder what’s going on with this Bible. 



3 thoughts on “Whatever Happened to…

  1. We all like to see projects completed that we have had a part in…but, if God encouraged your heart to participate financially or in other ways…You can be SURE He will/has/did complete His plan even if you never see a word in print. As men…we are notorious failures, yet God chooses to use us anyway!

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