Desktop Picture Meme

If it looks like a meme and quacks like a meme, then it’s a meme!  Mark Stevens issued a “challenge” (that’s code for meme) for everyone to take a picture of their desk and post it on their blog.  Seeing as how it’s been a while since I’ve done that I decided to go ahead and do it again in compliance with his request.  So here’s my desk in all its messy splendour (nb that I’ve blacked out all the pics of my daughter and nephew as well as important info and bits of paper I have lying around):


For old pictures of my desk see here (dirty), here (clean), and here (clean and cropped).  Other desk pictures have popped up so here they are:

Let me know if you come across other pics and I’ll update this post. 



21 thoughts on “Desktop Picture Meme

  1. WOW! I am amazed at how many people have cluttered desks. Wont it be odd now looking at pictures of your family with their faces blacked out ;-)

  2. Bitsy: It takes some getting used to, that’s for sure!

    Mark: Not really since I actually blacked out their real faces and then took the pictures! :-P

  3. I really like her artwork on the wall on the left. Everything else is a little too cluttered and as Bitsy says, claustraphobic, for me! :-)

    Mark – didn’t you say something to me? “It’s a man thing” Mess – yes, it’s a man thing. :-)

  4. Steph: I’m partial to the penguin picture frame myself! And yes, it’s a little too cluttered for my taste right now too! Trust me though, when it’s clean it might not look a whole lot different, but it certainly feels different. I can actually spread out a book or two.

  5. I tend to keep my desk clean and neat, but I was doing some research when I took the photo. But normally/always my desk is picked up.

    Clutter drives me nuts…although some may think of all my toys as clutter ;-)

  6. That isn’t your daughter’s artwork? Penguin picture frame – unless you mean that blacked out thing to the right of the screen that could either be the Virgin Mary or a penguin?

  7. Steph: No, it’s her artwork to the left. There’s a picture frame she made me with a picture of three penguins in it. And right next to that is a finger painted flower from a couple of years ago.

  8. I guessed that in my first comment: “I really like her artwork on the wall on the left.” But I couldn’t make out the penguins in it so I guessed that thing next to the computer screen that looks like the Virgin Mary was a penguin shaped frame! I love all children’s art. I ‘studied’ it on a course at Teachers’ College… Can you enlarge her artwork so we can see it?

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