Help a Brother Out

Anyone who knows me knows that Larry Hurtado is my favorite scholar.  And as my favorite scholar I try to read everything of his that I can.  At present I have four of his books with a fifth on the way very soon.  I also have a couple of books that he’s contributed essays to with another one on the way as well.  And I have a number of his most important journal articles on Christ devotion.  But there is one writing that alludes me because of the pricetag ($122!) on the volume in which it is included.  So here’s what I’m after:


Larry W. Hurtado, “The Binitarian Shape of Early Christian Worship,” in  The Jewish Roots of Christological Monotheism: Papers from the St. Andrews Conference on the Historical Origins of the Worship of Jesus (eds. Carey C. Newman, et al.; JSJSup 63; Leiden: Brill, 1998): 187-213.

Now I wouldn’t dream of asking anyone to buy me the book that this essay is in, but if anyone has a copy of the book and would be willing to scan the relevant pages to convert it into a PDF then that would be awesome!  Or if someone could find it in their heart to make a xerox and mail it to me then I would be more than appreciative.  If I had access to a seminary library then I’d go looking for it myself, but unfortunately I don’t have access, so I’m reaching out to those with more resources than me.  Please, help a brother out!  Thanks.



9 thoughts on “Help a Brother Out

  1. Is there any reason you haven’t tried to get access to a seminary library? I’m sure there are some near you and from my experience they’re generally cool about letting people who aren’t students get a card (I have access to 2). I’ve found it to be immensely helpful for whenever I want to check a few books out on a subject or author I’m new to, look at some commentaries or just find some new stuff that I wasn’t aware of.

    Bryan L

  2. Bryan: The main reason is that it’s inconvenient. I’m about 25-30 miinues from Princeton Theological Seminary but I rarely if ever travel out that way. I’m also not sure if they even allow access to their library unless you’re a student or faculty member and I wasn’t able to find anything on their website way back when I checked. I should just bite the bullet, go to college, and then go to seminary so I can avoid having to ask other folks for their help. :-)

  3. I made a trip to the Princeton library about two years ago and they gave me access. I couldn’t check anything out, but it’s definitely worth the thirty minute drive just to check out their wonderful graveyard (Edwards, Warfield, A. Alexander, Hodge and even a couple U.S. presidents).

  4. Ranger: If I can’t check them out then it’s definitely not worth the trip for me. I don’t have the time to actually spend in the library reading so I’d need to be able to bring them home. BTW, I heard that they actually have a large portion of Warfield’s personal library in their collection.

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