Search Terms

Here’s a few search terms that landed folks on my blog today along with some quick thoughts on them:

  1. bonded leather bibles — Simply put, they’re better than genuine leather Bibles because they’re sturdier and less expensive.
  2. is michael l. brown calvinist — Nope (thank God), he’s a Charismatic whose soteriology can be described along Arminian lines.  I’m not quite sure if he’d call himself a Messianic Jew but he’s definitely a Jewish believer in Jesus.
  3. backsliders go to hell — Only if they die while in a backslidden condition.  Backsliding is not apostasy and one can come back if they so choose.



6 thoughts on “Search Terms

  1. I’m always amazed by the search terms that bring people to my site too. Here are a few of my recent favorites:

    *masturbation and the Christian
    *free porn ebook
    *how do you ask a man if he wants to marry…

  2. definitely genuine leather! All the bonded leather ones I’ve ever had have fallen apart more quickly — their leather is so thin.

  3. My bonded leather NET First Edition has yet to begin to fall apart, and it is a very fat bible indeed.

    Mind you, I am one of those who barely crack open paperbacks to read, so maybe my results are atypical.

    My search terms are usually along the lines of esword, Esword, E-sword, e-Sword. That software just keeps on going.

  4. Chuck: I’m the same way, I treat my paperbacks with the utmost care and respect. I don’t want to have to replace them.

    And the price is definitely right on e-Sword, but after using BibleWorks I can’t go back.

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