The Ohio State University Press Open Access Initiative

Thanks to Roger Pearse I just learned that Ohio State University has made (and is in the process of making) many of its titles available online for free as PDFs.  The website says:

The mission of The Ohio State University Press is to disseminate the best scholarship as widely as possible. Towards that end, we are making the complete texts of certain books available from our website. You will need the free Adobe Reader or some other PDF-enabled program to read the text.

All titles available this way, whether old or new, have gone through the exact same peer review process as our printed books. Any book that carries our imprint—no matter what medium is being used—has been approved by our Editorial Board after a thorough vetting process.

All such works remain under copyright protection and may not be used for any commercial purpose.

The Press very gratefully acknowledges The Ohio State University Libraries for funding and overseeing the digitization of these titles.

So make sure to head on over and see if there’s anything that interests you.  I was pleased to download Timothy E. Gregory’s Vox Populi: Popular Opinion and Violence in the Religious Controversies of the Fifth Century A.D. (Columbus: Ohio State University Press, 1979), a work I’ve referred to in the past.  It’s nice to finally have my own personal copy as this is not the easiest title to come by.


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