Electronic Theses Online Service (EThOS)

After reading about EThOS on Jim Darlack, Rod Decker, Brian Small, and Roger Pearse‘s blogs I finally decided to register and start browsing and I’m quite impressed.  I’ve already downloaded 6 or 7 dissertations and I have another 2 on order.  Unfortunately, some of the dissertations that look the most appealing to me, and another couple I’ve been after for a while, are not available on their service.  I’ll have to keep looking for ways to access those materials for free, but until then I plan to make as much use of EThOS as possible!  I suggest you do the same.


6 thoughts on “Electronic Theses Online Service (EThOS)

  1. Not sure if you have heard about or can access, but you might try tren.com. I found it quite useful when writing my thesis.

  2. Laura: Thanks for the heads up. I took a look but it seems that all the good stuff costs money and of course paying for stuff violates my morals. ;-)

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