Best Pen Ever


Up until recently I made use of a Post-it Flag Pen which I absolutely loved.  It wrote well and had the little post-it stickers for marking my places in books; what more could you ask for?  Well I let my daughter use it the other day and it disappeared.  I’ve looked everywhere and can’t find it.  No big deal, I have plenty of other pens, right?  Wrong!  All of my other pens suck!  The points are either too large, the ink smudges, or they won’t write upside down.  Plenty of them are dried up as well.  So I was very pleased today to get some new pens.  I got my hands on a pack of Pilot G2 Ultra-Fine Point (0.38mm) Retractable Gel Ink Rolling Ball Pens and I couldn’t be happier.  First of all, it’s retractable so I don’t have to worry about losing a cap.  Second, the point is really fine which makes annotating books a pleasure.  Third, it’s nearly completely smudge-proof.  The package says smudge-proof but I was able to manage a little smudge by pressing down really hard with my thumb immediately after I wrote.  I think for normal use though they’re fine.  So if you’re looking for a new pen this one comes with my highest recommendation.


30 thoughts on “Best Pen Ever

  1. G2s rock, especially for the money. They write like a big dollar pen. I’m a lefty, so gel is very valuable. But the Post It Flag Pens and Highlighters rock. I think there is a fancy schmancy version of the G2 also. (BTW, I do not know how to spell “schmancy.”)

  2. Pilot paid you to say all that!!

    I have a suspiciously large collection of pens. The ones that weren’t complimentary – I just haven’t a clue where they came from. I never buy them and wouldn’t know one brand from another except my blue pen with the blue rubber round the holding bit, which came from a hotel, has a nice soft nib and writes better than the others.

  3. Yvette: I swear by the Post-it highlighters! I loved the pen too but alas, it’s gone forever. :-( I think you chose the German spelling of ‘schmancy’ :-P

    Jeremiah: Good Lord man! What are you doing to break the clips?

    Steph: I wish they had. Maybe I’ll volunteer to be a spokesman for them.

    Jeff: I am not familiar with this product of which you speak so you can surely understand my doubt regarding your claim.

  4. The G2 rules. I order them by the case now for my office. But, have you tried the G2 (10)? It’s amazing. The ink dispenses wider than with the 5 (ultra fine) or the 7 (fine) and it is just smooth as silk. Almost as cool as writing with a fountain pen but without all of the bleed.

  5. Jeremiah is right. The clips break all the time. For instance if I take them to work, I am a barista, and have it clipped to my apron or to my pocket by the end of the night the clip is broken off. Either by carrying a box full of frappucino mix from the stock room or from bending down to get milk from the fridge I end up breaking it.

    Also I have found that if I am sitting down with one in my front pocket it is common for the button to get pressed by some mysterious force, perhaps gravity or the falling of the stock market, but it then leaves amazing stains inside my pants.

  6. Hey Nick,
    Great site. I have to chime on this. I am a lefty and searched for years for the best pen for me. I write incredibly small, and use a larger Moleskine journal. My bible is an NASB with nice paper.

    So… the best of the best: The Zebra F-301 Ultra. Black ink, smoooooooooth, fine ball point. Short length, well balanced, solid feel. Nice price: about $7.00 for two.

    Cheers brother,

  7. Actually, to tell you the truth, my favourite pen was given to me by a bird in our native bush. I found the feather of a tui on the track during a recent tramp round Lake Waikaramoana. Now it has its tip finely shaved and it makes a perfect dipping nib. Great for calligraphy. (another free pen) :-)

  8. Nick=Corporate Pen Company sockpuppet. How long have you been in their pocket? What’s it like to sell your soul to special interests? How well does ‘lobbyist’ pay?
    Anyway, my wife is in med school and uses these pens all the time. Pretty handy.

  9. Peter: This is my introduction to G2 pens. I appreciate the thin writing for my annotating books. It really allows me to get in there, in the margins, between lines, etc. I’m very pleased.

    Geoff: Why would you keep a pen in your pants pocket? That’s just dangerous!

    Chris: I’ll have to look into that pen. It sounds a bit too posh for my style.

    Steph: I can appreciate receiving stuff for free (from any of God’s creatures). :-)

    philosophickle: Apparently I haven’t been in their pocket as long as they’ve been in Geoff’s! ;-) And how nice to be married to a soon-to-be doctor. Pretty soon you’ll be able to afford all sorts of fancy pens.

  10. Pens?! I’m going to buy 1 of every book on Amazon just so I can take pictures of them and send them too you.
    Scratch that. I’m just going to buy Richard Bauckham.

  11. 0.38 is not fine enough for me, but when I tried the Uni-ball 0.18 it was too fine. My favourite at present is the Uni-ball signo DX 0.28. It has a cap which means it can’t accidentally get pressed while in my pocket. And it is very smooth for such a fine point.

  12. Do you know if The new G2 is archival safe like the other G2s? I know frequently smaller versions of typical .5 and .7 pens (the Uni-ball Signos) do not maintain the acid-free quality. If G2 does maintain its archival quality then I’ve just found my new pen of choice!

  13. Martin: Really? 0.38 is just right for me. Any thinner and I wouldn’t be able to see it.

    Laura: Yes, it is archival safe, at least according to the package.

  14. G2 is really popular. I also use a Uniball 207 which is very similar but more permanent ink. I’ve never tried this fine tipped version though.

  15. Nathan: Until I got these pens I was pretty much a Bic user. Anything is better than that! But I’m really enjoying the fine tip, it makes writing so much easier and more legible when I’m scribbling in the margins of books.

  16. The passion for your preferred pens here is positively astonishing. A pen is a pen and only a pen and as long as it goes, it’s still a pen. :-)

  17. Steph: This is true, but some are better than others. I liked the new one I got so much that I went looking for it in red the other day. Unfortunately they only had a 4 pack with three other colors that I didn’t want.

  18. Chuck: Hmm… free pens from work. I don’t want to think the worst so I’ll assume your boss gives them to you. ;-)

    Steph: I quite agree. Thankfully my father gave me this pack of pens which made it all the more better! ;-)

  19. Probably Douglas Stuart Exodus Commentary in the NAC, actually. I’m thinking of getting Paul Maier’s Josephus, too.

    Yup. That’s more than twenty bucks. Ain’t it the way with book lists?

  20. Chuck: I have Meier’s Josephus, if we’re talking about the same one. The one I have has his commentary but Whiston’s translation. All in all it has served me well over the years.

  21. Nick: Well a reviewer on RBL seems to prefer the Whiston/Maier complete Eusebius, because Maier’s translation and commentary doesn’t criticize Eusebius enough for her tastes.

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