Hindsight (or, Why I’m aggravated right now)

I spent a lot of time working on that bibliography for the Trinity Blogging Summit, like literally over two days worth of my time was spent compiling this thing, editing it, formatting it, etc.  There were times when I couldn’t even see straight because I had been looking at the monitor for so long.  I thought that the final product was without error but apparently I was wrong, which is why I’m aggravated right now.  I’ve noticed various errors which I’ll note here so I can remember to correct the MS Word document.  I’ve also remembered a few more articles and some rather obvious books that shouldn’t have been missed originally so I’ll have to add those to the update as well.  I’ll wait a few days before updating the link with a new PDF but for right now here’s a list of the errors I’ve found so far:

  • On p. 4 (9th reference from top) Harvard Theological Review should be italicized.
  • On p. 11 (4th reference from top) “The” should be omitted from The Jewish Quarterly Review.
  • On p. 15 the final three entires all have smaller font sizes than the preceding entries.  This is a problem that occurs elsewhere, e.g., p. 4 (partially on the 4th reference from top); p. 8 (last reference); p. 14 (7th reference from top).
  • On p 18 (9th reference from top) the comma after “English” should be a period.
  • On p. 20 (9th reference down from top) there is a space between “Franz” and the follwing period.
  • On p. 21 The Triune God: A Historical Study of the Doctrine of the Trinity. Eugene, OR: Wipf & Stock, 1999 is listed twice.
  • On p. 21 the second reference to the above noted error lists the first name first instead of last.

If anyone takes the time to look through that thing let me know if you spot any other errors.  Thanks.


6 thoughts on “Hindsight (or, Why I’m aggravated right now)

  1. Celucien: Thanks. I’m very picky about stuff like that though so it really irks me when I find typos and errors after spending so much time editing.

  2. I would second what Celucien said, except I’m no better at not being picky than yourself! I printed out ten prayer services and then I noticed I still had ‘second’ where I meant ‘third’ (week in Lent) and I forgot to attribute a prayer to St John Chrysostom. I finally succumbed to the urge to print them out again. It would bug me each day that I saw it!

  3. Nice work, Nick! Thanks for all of the effort that you put into this!

    On p. 18, there’s a strange-looking, Polish surname that is spelled incorrectly. ;-)

  4. Will: I know exactly how you felt!

    Brian: It doesn’t bother me nearly as much when other people make typos. But after looking at something for so long and checking it so many times I thought I had gotten it all.

    Ed: Thanks! At least I got it right one time. ;-) I’ve made the change in my Word document (as well as added three pages of references so far) so hopefully in a couple of days I’ll be satisified to the point of posting the updated version.

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